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Happy Tuesday Doll’s!  I hope you had an AMAZING weekend and Mother’s Day!  Time is flying by fast this year…it just felt like it was Valentine’s and now it’s a week before school is out for the summer…YIKES! (kidding….not kidding…I’ve literally been freaking out, wondering how I am going to keep a VERY BUSY 5 year old boy occupied for a 3 solid months…I’m frightened!)

Anyways…I think you’re here to find out what is White All Over, if I am correct?  Well, it’s ME!  As you can see…I opted for WHITE ON WHITE trend today.  I LOVE this look (and no, it does not look like you’re an orderly or a painter)…it is so clean, fresh and screams Spring/Summer! I mean technically we are still in Spring, I’ve always felt that summer officially kicked off when A) Kids were out of school and B) Memorial Day weekend arrived.  However, when you live in Oklahoma…the weather A) Feels like summer when it’s technically Spring (hello 90 degrees today) and when Memorial Day Weekend arrives it will B) Probably feel like early Spring.  So unpredictable around here…so your wardrobe is very “iffy” over the month of May.  You waffle between jackets and sweat running down the back of your legs (insert my experience on Saturday at the baby shower I hosted…gross!). Am I right or am I right?  I’m still wanting to wear my fun jeans that I have for Spring…not quite ready to sport shorts/dresses everyday. Plus, I am a total jeans girl!

So, how cool are these distressed white crop jeans??? Wanna know a lil secret?  I distressed them myself!!! YUP!  I have been on the endless hunt for a perfect fitting pair of white distressed jeans and have had zero luck finding a pair I love.  ***A little background….I have muscular thighs, not those skinny stick legs that look good in white jeans…so, white jeans tend to magnify my thickness hence making trying on white jeans very frustrating grrrrrrr!***  Which takes me back to distressing these myself.  I had a pair of white crop jeans that I loved the fit, maybe cuz I’ve had them for a while and they have conformed to me and they are comfy so I just took a razor to them (poor things).  I might have got a little carried away but I was definitely going for this exact look.  Then threw them in the washer so they frayed and WALLAH, behold my perfect pair of white distressed jeans!!!!!  ***If you need a tutorial, please shoot me an email…I’m happy to help you go CRAY CRAY on your jeans***

White on white can be soooooo effortless.  Just put a white top with white bottoms…capisce? You have so many options to which accessories and shoes you can go with, allowing your own style to shine!  It can be casual to dressy.  And don’t think I won’t be doing this trend with shorts when it’s blistering outside…cuz I will 🙂


FullSizeRender FullSizeRender_3 FullSizeRender_2

P.S. I’m in love with all things fringe…so please excuse if I do in excess 🙂

Relaxed V-Neck Tee // Similar

 White Distressed Jean Similar // Similar // Similar // Similar

Wedges //  Similar

Sunnies  // Similar

Panama Hat // Similar // Similar

Beaded Handle Tote // Similar


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