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Sooooooo, here I am…hashing out my very 1st blog post!  Talk about intimidating! I guess you’re probably wondering who I am and what this blog is all about?  Well, sit back…grab a glass of wine, er, or a cup of coffee and I’ll just tell ya!

As you see in my “About” section…my name is Tawni Herburger.  I’m a 39…ya, repeat 39 year old , fashion-loving Mom of 1 ornery 5 year old boy (Rhett)!  I also have 3 older step-son’s…K3 (Kip the 3rd), Aaron and Jacob…all who are either out of college or still in college.  My journey to this point came from having a fashion boutique here in Tulsa, OK for 7 years called “Tawnini” of which I loved doing…however, I love my family more and decided to close up shop when I realized that being a more available mommy was more important to me than growing a business…let me emphasize, “IMPORTANT TO ME”…just to be clear, I commend & respect all Mom’s who juggle both career and family…high to the five!  I just got to the point in life that it wasn’t important to me.

Insert to where I am now.  Now, being a Stay At Home Mom has it perks, but restlessness of not being “out there” was starting to set in…so, my husband (genius) suggested that I start blogging about my fashion “savvy” (he said it, not me).  Hmmmmm….that threw me for a loop.  I mean, it did kinda make sense…I’m always getting asked “Where did you get that” (my famous answer of “you’re going to laugh but I got it at Target or….”) And I’m always getting texts or requests from friends about “What do I need to wear?” or “how do I style this piece?” (Not bragging here, just trying to show you my experience in the subject at hand).  So, over the excitement of “Ya, ya, I can do that”, it turned into Fear.  Fear that no one would want to hear what I had to say, fear of taking “selfies” of what I was wearing, fear that no one would like my style and use it in their everyday lives, fear of where to start, fear of I can’t afford to post a new wardrobe every day, fear of I’m not one of those young hottie bloggers who look flawless and globe trot all over the country (I have such a girl crush on these chics BTW).  But then, one calls on the support group in their lives for advice, the superhero’s that let you know that your fears are silly, they believe in you and say “you can totally rock it”, and also reminded me that I’m not one of those young 20-something bloggers who look flawless (gee thanks girls) but that I’m a real life mom who wipes my kid’s butt, cleans up vomit, cleans a nasty toilet of a boy who can’t seem to aim right!(Enter Angels Singing) I am Mom +  Wife + Fashion Lover  = a Fashionable Mom who can blog about everyday wardrobe, everyday beauty and lifestyle!

And the best part is…I am a budget shopper!  Having a boutique for so long, I knew what apparel costs to manufacture and knew what it cost the retailers (big mark-up).  That makes it super hard for me to pay super inflated prices on fashion & accessories.  Plus my attention span is so short, I easily get tired of a piece/pieces and am not good about wearing things for multiple years.  I like wardrobe turn-over, or rather yet, I like to just get new wardrobe (enter my hubby eye-roll).  Now, I know you get what you pay for but I also know you can get good pieces that will last if you take care of them properly.  I get a HUGE thrill from finding the coolest pieces for CHEAP, if I have a discount code or coupon for it, even better!

So, I hope this blog provides you with insight, ideas, tips and humor.

Cheers to Blogging!



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  1. Fun! Love it! I am now a stay at home mom also (#3 son coming soon). With all these boys, I’ll enjoying reading your blogs and staying up with the latest styles… Thanks for sharing

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