The Power of Girlfriends


Happy Monday Dolls!  I hope your weekend was full of FUN, Laughter, no stress, REST and not consumed by digging up a ton of Boxwoods and other big bushes around your house to prepare for new plants!  I’m not bitter by any means…it was a great workout!

But, one great thing (other than time with my family) from my weekend was getting together with some of my Posse on Friday night!  And if you know me personally, you know that I am all about making sure that I have time with my girls!  As Moms, it is so easy to get wrapped up in the day to day grind of school activities, our kids sports, homework, laundry, cleaning, errands and by the time the day wraps up…we are pooped!  You fall into bed at night and hope your hubby understands (you know what I’m saying here…wink wink).   But as Women, we need to make time for ourselves, to recharge, to vent, to bounce ideas off one another, to get assurance we haven’t lost our bonkers that our kid like to poop outside (Um, forget that part), to laugh, to get built up, to hug, to cry, to get EMPOWERED and who better else to do that…than your friends who understand all of these things!  Now, don’t get me wrong…my Hubby is amazing at all doing all of the above for me but sometimes I think he wonders if I have a 2nd head because I can be so all over the place.  Although, the dear man would never say that…right Honey????

I am very Blessed to have such a great group of girlfriends.  And my girls are all very strong women who get it!  They are Mom’s, Stepmom’s, business women, and wives.  The empowerment & love that we all give each other is priceless! I think I would loose my bonkers if I did not have these girls. And of course, we can never not be friends because we know too much dirt on the other! Kidding! Not kidding.

Another great thing, is we all share a love of FASHION and SHOPPING!  So, BONUS!

These 2 Beauties here…Heather and Sydney…I have known a LLLLLOOOONNNNNGGGGGG time!  Heather and I became BFF’s starting in college at OSU…we shared a love for horses and life and have been through the ringer together.  Through life, men, jobs, kids, parents, houses, cars and deep sh*t, we have prevailed it all together!  And look at us now!!!!  I’ve known Sydney since I was very young, always googling over her at horse shows (creepn’ maybe?).  We reconnected and became great friends when I was living in Tulsa and we both were going through a big life change at the same time (no details please).  It was such a breath of fresh air to have someone who knew what you were going through, who could relate.  And while building each other up, we became close…we survived and I have an amazing friend to show for it!  So, getting together with these 2 along with the rest of our little posse is soooooo important to this Mommma!  So, If you are not making time for your girlfriends, start NOW.  Get something set up & on the books…you will thank me later.  You’re welcome.

Now, to the fashion part!  Friday night, it was rainy and my hair went uber flat.  Nice.  I was in a hurry from picking up my little man and getting home in time to freshen up and change.  So, I threw on a boyfriend Tee (my new fav shirt) w/ my jeans, chunked my rain boots and threw on some fun fringe heels (and left my closet messy).  I love the look of slouchy tees w/ jeans and heels.  It’s kinda edgy and makes me feel carefree….Grrrrrrr Baby!

Where to Get:

Me: Denim Skinny Boyfriend Jean / Skinny Boyfriend Jean , Tee Old Navy , Fringe Heels Target , Jewelry Necklace Wrap Bracelet

Heather: J Crew Blazer , J Crew Denim Rock Stud Heel

Sydney: Print Cardigan “Becca”  Nordstrom Rack Similar,  Flying Monkey Skinny, Black Shell Top , Black Peep Toe Booties BCBG Dillards  Black Peep Toe Booties (Similar)

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