How to Transition a Maxi Dress from Summer into Fall

Summer is fading away and it’s time for Transition Fashion! If you have a maxi dress or maxi dresses that you are wanting to get as much wear of as possible, I’m here to show you how to transition a maxi dress from Summer into Fall.  It’s so easy and definitely affordable!

I purchased this black and white stripe maxi from Stash Tulsa this past April and I got a ton of wear out of it over the summer.  It is so comfortable and breathable.  Perfect to beat the heat in when it’s hotter than Hades out!  But I wanted to carry this dress into Fall and it’s so easy because of the black and white stripe print as well as the style of the dress!

It’s still pretty toasty out here in T-Town and will be until October.  I have this silly mental thing that I can’t wear “summery”colors and looks once Mid-August passes (unless I’m going to the beach) and I even start wearing booties and closed toe shoes more.  Maybe I’m secretly hoping that if I start wearing “Fallish” clothes that Fall will hurry up and get here.  Yes, I am weird.  Anywho, the easiest way to get a Transition look is I added this Utility Vest and some cut out Booties. Easy Peasy.  I can look Transition without sweating to death.

When the weather starts to cool down, adding a Sweater Cardigan is the easiest way to get as much wear out of this maxi as possible.  I opted for Dark Green and Maroon Cardigans (see above) to get a Fall feel.  And these slip-on shoes give it a very casual and fun vibe! Another great way to cozy this look up would be with a fun beanie! I’ll definitely be warm (especially with a Chai Tea Latte in my hand!).

So there you have it, the easiest and most frugal way to transition your Maxi Dress into Fall! You’re Welcome.



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White After Labor Day

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So your Momma and your Grandma has probably scolded you for wearing white after Labor Day?  Or you attempt to rock white after Labor Day and get the stink eye from people as you pass them on the street?  Well guess what???? You’re right and they are WRONG!  White after Labor Day is a definate DO now and absolutely go ahead and ROCK IT!

Oh believe me, it’s taken me awhile to get used to the idea…but I’ve fashionably evolved over the years and find myself pushing the envelope all of the time of what you should and shouldn’t do.  I honestly think that fashion is one’s ability to express themselves…safely sometimes…but none the less, it’s definitely an expression of ones personality!

The good thing is, retailers are now carrying whites into the Fall Winter.  And I’m not talking just cream sweaters and long sleeve tops…but you will be able to find jeans, pants, skirts and dresses!  Personally, I feel that a white dress at the holidays is beautiful and almost fairy-tale like.  So you are asking yourself what is the different between warm weather whites and cool/cold weather whites?  It’s the fabrics my friends.  Also, you will find different shades of whites in the cooler months than in the hotter months.  Whites in the cooler months will be softer, not as “bright white” but not necessarily cream.  You will see soft whites and off whites.  BIG different between Cream and Off White.  Creams have a yellowish huh to them…off whites hold a slight tinge to a bright white.  Okay, maybe that didn’t sound so appealing, “a tinge”….well, you know what I mean!!!

As you see above, I’m ropcking shorts…o.b.v.i.o.u.s.l.y. but only because it is still hotter than Hades here in Tulsa, OK!  Believe me, I am craving jeans and Fall attire, but our weather is making that rather difficult and seems to laugh at me everytime I think about dressing for cooler temps.  So, from my ‘Transition” post…I am still having to improvise.  Uggggggg.  Anyways, back to my outfit.  I paired this rust/stripe cold-shoulder top with white shorts.  It’s a great transition look, especially with the slip-on booties!  I picked up this cute top at Suite One here in Tulsa, a local boutique in our beautiful Utica Square.  It’s going to be perfect for this Fall too and I’ll throw a long cardi over it when it gets even cooler.

Now, these chicks below are right on point with their white after Labor Day.  Pulling in boots and booties is a must!

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Women's dv Nya Booties Striped Cold Shoulder Top

Kathryn Fringe Crossbody- Cognac

Happy Friday Eve!!!


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Transition Fashion doesn’t have to be Tricky!


I’m sure you’re hearing the word “Transition” a lot lately…especially when it comes to your wardrobe! and if you’re wondering…”What exactly is Transition Fashion”? Well, sit back…grab a glass of wine…or not…wine always helps me and I’m going to talk “Transition”!

Sooooooo…Transition!  Well, Transition is that tricky time between seasons when you’re trying to figure out what to wear…because technically summer is over right?  But the weather begs to differ and all that seems to be available at the stores is Fall Fashion.  So, how is the easiest way to Transition from Summer to Fall???  It’s super easy my friends and doesn’t need a ton of thought process….especially since Transition will last only a few short weeks (or fingers crossed that mid-high 90 degree temps as in what we have here in Oklahoma will not last longer than a few short weeks or what if you live in AZ or Cali or Florida and your warmer temps last longer?).  The way I break it down to KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid…thank you Mr Green my 6th grade History teacher) is I pull my Summer pieces together with Fall pieces and that can be as simples as:

*Adding Booties (ankle boots) with your shorts and dresses

*Layering your summer favorites with a clever cover-up such as Kimonos, Cardigans, Blazers or Jackets

*Incorporating Fall colors with your summer colors such as adding Blacks, Navy’s or Charcoals to Pinks

*Add a 3/4 sleeve or long sleeve top to your shorts and skirts and pair with booties

*When the temps drop slightly, add opaque tights with your shorts

FullSizeRender_3 FullSizeRender_4  FullSizeRender_1

Women's Cargo Vest Dark Green  - Mossimo Women's dv Nya Booties Longline Wool-Blend Sweater Vest

 QUPID Side Slit Womens Booties Beige

Now I am a season stickler…so once Sept gets here…I find it hard to keep the summer vibe flowing, so I start rebelling with just wearing Fall colors.


Here are some other Gals that got it right on point!  I love the mix up of each of their style so it offers you options!

TF2  TF1  TF3  TF5 TF4 TF6

Happy Transitioning!


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