Red Leather Skirt Three Ways

Ahhhhh February…the month of Love, President’s Day Sales and the color Red! I imagine that when people think of February, the color Red automatically comes to mind.  Red is a powerful color. It represents so many different emotions. One particular emotion is Love.  And one thing I am definitely loving for February is a Red Leather Skirt.  So much that I am going to show you how to wear a Red Leather Skirt Three Ways!

Red is HOT color this year.  I am seeing a lot more red options in stores than normal.  However, Red is not my favorite color and I have to be careful with how I wear it.  I do not look good in a Red top.  I think my skin has too many Red tones in it and I just looked flushed when I wear red close to my face.  But, a Red Skirt, that is a different story! Away from my face and yet still makes a statement!

This Red Leather Skirt that I found from Just Fab is so versatile.  It works for all Seasons and can be worn so many different ways.  Talk about Functional Fashion!

Red Leather Skirt Look 1:

This look screams “Valentines’ Look” to me! I feel like a piece of candy wearing the Red, Pink and White all together! If the white booties are too bold? Swap out for White Slides/Mules or some black booties.

Red Leather Skirt Look 2:

I’ve really been obsessed with the “Pearl” trend. Pearls on everything from tops, accessories, jeans, and even shoes! Pearls are everywhere! This Pearl Embellished Top from H&M looks killer with the Red Leather Skirt. And, as I am obsessed with hats too, the Page Boy Cap is definitely the cherry on top!

Red Leather Skirt Look 3:

I could wear this look daily! T-shirt, check. Comfy Kicks, Check. Fun Skirt, Check. Just need some warmer weather to go with it! The casual accents really tone down the boldness of the Red Leather in case you are worried that Red Leather just isn’t your scene 🙂


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XOXO and Happy February! -T

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