Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017

OMG! The time is almost here my friends…the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017….EEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I can barely contain my excitement!  Especially b/c we don’t have an actual Nordstrom here in Tulsa (we have a Nordstrom Rack, not the same thing people…NOT THE SAME THING!).  So, when the sale comes….I definitely take full advantage of it online.  And with free shipping, why wouldn’t ya???? And if you ask “What’s the big deal?” Um EVERYTHING! It’s just happens to be like the biggest retail sale EVA’! (The above Top was one of my scores from last years Nordstrom Anniversary Sale)

So, I’m going to give you a little bit of my insider tidbits and how I shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, effectively, because let’s face it as much as I want to buy everything that’s on sale…it’s just not feasible and my Hubby would probably divorce me.  I definitely have to go in with a game plan.

First and foremost, some det’s on the sale:

When is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017?

Anniversary Sale: Public Sale Starts July 21 and Ends August 6. Prices go up August 7.

The sale officially begins on July 21st and goes through August 6th (prices go back up on August 7th) BUT early access begins on July 13th through July 20th.  Yes, early access you say? Early access is July 13th…WRITE IT DOWN! Next question..

How do I get early access to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

Anniversary Sale Early Access, July 13-20. Want in early? The card's the key.

Well, that part is easy!  You need to be a Nordstrom cardholder to get early access.  That is the magic key to the cool kids club.  Apply here (Oh, and you don’t have to use the Nordstrom card for purchases)

Where is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

The sale is at any Nordstrom store, or the Nordstrom App! Easy Peasy.

What is on sale at the “NSale”?

Everything and Anything! All new items for the Fall season that are up to 40%!  It’s the best time to put together your Fall/Winter Wardrobe or knock out your Christmas Shopping.  Womens, shoes, kids, men, you name it…it’s on sale! Which means that if  you see something you want or have your eye on, BUY IT IMMEDIATELY because it will be gone if you let it sit! I’ve literally had shoes disappear out of my shopping cart because I didn’t hustle t0 purchase them immediately!

What will I be buying from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

I don’t know exactly what I will be purchasing from the NSale but I will be looking for new Fall booties, sweaters, statement pieces and probably a new coat as well as some fun finds for my Little Monkey and my Hubby.  BUT, I will be posting on Instagram my finds from the sale!

So now the question is…what will you be buying at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? Send me a comment with your deals and steals!

Happy Shopping!


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Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale


Get brand-new arrivals at super-sale prices during Anniversary Sale.

Happy Friday Ya’ll!

So today, I’m cutting straight to the chase and talking about the NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE!  Now, you know what a Frugal Fashionista I am and don’t like to spend a lot on my get-up…however, when Nordstrom’s has their anniversary sale…it allows me to SPLURGE!  Especially on getting some coolio new digs and kicks for the coming Fall.

So, if you haven’t checked it out…I HIGHLY, repeat HIGHLY recommend that you get your fannies on over to check out the amazing deals!  And believe me people, it’s not the reject stuff you don’t want…this is good loot!

Of course, it takes me DAYS to pilfer through the many options and of course I second guess myself on “Do I really need that”…”Will I wear that a lot”…”Will that just hang in my closet”?  So, there is alot of adding to my shopping cart and then deleting and adding and deleting…it’s quite emotional!  And if you’re thinking “Well, why doesn’t she just go to the actual store…well, sad to say we do not have an actual Nordstrom local here in Tulsa (depressing right?).  We have a Nordstrom Rack and although you can find some good stuff from time to time…it just ain’t the same thing people.  I said “ain’t”.  So, I can either jump in my car and drive 4 hours to Dallas (with a 5 year old mind you…no thank you).  Or, I can shop from the luxury of my laptop, iPad and phone.  BONUS…no drive time, gas and dealing with a very impatient Monkey (Rhett).

So, here is a breakdown on the fun stuff I loaded up on!  I lost a pair of boots I was really coveting and now I am uber mad at myself for just not pulling the trigger but that is the risk you take when shopping coveted sales…you win some, you loose some.  Makes me want a glass of wine just thinking about those boots.  Boo.

But, I feel I scored on these gems…

Product Image, click to zoom  Product Image, click to zoom

Product Image, click to zoom Product Image, click to zoom

Product Image, click to zoom

These pieces are going to be so versatile in my closet this fall and winter.  Can’t wait for my box to arrive!  Hoping and praying all fits perfectly and I don’t have to reluctantly send it back.  Of course, if anything is a “miss”…Nordstrom’s has free shipping/free returns which will make life a little easier.  And this Mom needs all she can get!

Cheers to the Freakn’ Weekend!


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