JORD Wood Watch Giveaway

Hey Hey my Peeps!  Well, it’s FINALLY the weekend and it’s February and it’s 74 degrees outside…UNREAL right?  This kind of weather definitely has everyone thinking about Spring and Spring Fashion!  Plus next week is Valentine’s…people are back in the spending and gift-giving mode hence the Christmas hangover is GONE!  With all of that, I can’t think of a better time than now to purchase a new time piece…watches are “timeless”and great gifts,  and it’s one of the few accessories that can carry you from season to season.  Am I right? Yup.  Watches are not only convenient to flick over your wrist to check the time but they are also a BIG fashion and style statement! So, when the peeps over at JORD Wood Watches contacted me and wanted to partner up for a SUPER GREAT GIVEAWAY of one of their AMAZING WOOD WATCHES, I eagerly said YES!

So you ask…”What is a JORD”?  Well, If you have never seen a JORD Wood Watch…you’re definitely missing out!  JORD uses the most unique woods such as Bamboo, Acacia, Rosewood, Sandalwood…just to name a select few…to create their sophisticated and modern watches.  They offer a wide variety of Men’s and Women’s styles that make a very unique statement.  Since I received my Fieldcrest watch (which is made out of a beautiful Blonde Maple…one of my favorite wood styles BTW) I have been IN LOVE and have received sooooo many compliments asking me what kind of watch I was wearing!  Another thing I love is the versatility, durability and the way it just works into my life as a busy Mom!  As you can see here,  I added a funky vibe with the wrap bracelet and the bomber jacket!

So, if a new watch is on your list then you’re in luck!  I am teaming up with JORD to do a giveaway…one lucky winner will receive a $100 JORD voucher towards the purchase of a JORD Wood Watch and everyone that enters the Giveaway will receive a $25 Credit towards a JORD Wood Watch!  To enter Use this Link!

***The Giveaway offer ends on 3/5/2017 and the coupon is valid until 5/31/2017***

***Also, JORD is offering discounted shipping to receive in time for Valentine’s…BONUS***

Have a Superidy Duperidy  Weekend!!!

Muah! -T

Luxury Wooden Watch

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