Simple Boxing Workout

It’s a New Year! It’s a time to reinvent ourselves, get second chances, and start over.  That goes for our bodies as well. So, this is a perfect time to introduce you to a new workout that I have been obsessing over.  A simple Boxing workout for the new year!

Fitness Gurus will tell you that a good fitness program includes resistance training as well as cardio.  It’s a balance between the two.  I for one can’t stand cardio such as treadmill, running, or spin. I can tolerate the elliptical, but it’s not my favorite.  But, my favorite cardio is boxing or kickboxing.  You’re moving the whole time and usually hitting the crap outta something!  Talk about a good feeling my friends.  Boxing is so empowering.  Bad day? Take it out on a heavy bag and all your cares just float out of your fists.

So how did I get started on boxing? I’ve always been fascinated with the sport.  I used to do a boxing regime at a with an instructor.  But, I like to workout at home.  Going to the gym takes too much time out of my day.  So, we turned one of our spare bedrooms into a fitness room.  It includes free weights, a weight bench, an elliptical machine, and a heavy bag.  It’s the perfect set up.  I can get in, get my sweat on and get on with my day.

If you’re wondering where to get equipment such as a heavy bag, stand, boxing gloves and wraps: try Amazon.  Be sure to pick a boxing glove that matches the weight of your heavy bag.   Here is a perfect chart to determine glove weight.

DISCLAIMER-Just to be perfectly clear, I am not a certified fitness instructor nor am I a physician.  So, if you have any doubts in any form or fashion about your body being able to handle a workout like this, PLEASE consult your physician.  Can’t have you coming after me saying “What the What”!


My Simple Boxing Workout

*Wrap hands first*

*To start out, I stretch for about 5-10 minutes*

-Jump rope for 1 minute

-On the Heavy Bag-Left, Left, Right, Duck-12 x’s

                                  Right, Right, Left, Duck-12 x’s

                                  Upper Cuts-12 x’s

                                  Left, Right Punches-12 x’s

-20 Crunches

-20 Side Lunges, each side

-20 Donkey Kicks, each side

-On the Heavy Bag-Left, Left, Right, Duck-12 x’s

                                  Right, Right, Left, Duck-12 x’s

                                  Upper Cuts-12 x’s

                                  Left, right Punches-12 x’s

-20 Squats

-20 back Lunges, each side

-20 Push-Ups

-Jump rope-1 minute

*Repeat this sequence 2 more x’s, 3 x’s total*

*End with 5 minutes stretching*

You will definitely be sore for a few days after you do this workout.  It definitely works a lot of muscles and joints you did not know you have!  I would love to know your thoughts on this workout after you’ve tried it.  Let me know if you absolutely love this workout as much as I do!

Happy Boxing!



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