Step Hem Jeans DIY

Have you fell in love with the Step Hem Jeans trend yet?  If so and you don’t want to spend the moolah on new jeans.  Then I’m going to show you how to DIY your own pair!

I purchased these Skinny Just Black Jeans this past February and wanted to give them a “face lift” by turning them into Step Hem Jeans. Plus you know how I can get crafty from time to time by “altering” my clothes to new ways to wear them!


All you need is a pair of scissors and 10 minutes to do a Step Hem Jeans DIY.  I started by letting the stitching line out to full length .  Next I cut up the side seam then over and back down the other side seam.  So it looks like the front side of the jeans are shorter than the back side. Then cut the back to the length you want them to be.  Pull on the threads to fray them a bit (washing will fray them more). Wa-La! You have Step Hem jeans!




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