Mom in Gladiator’s


Happy Weekend Weekend Weekend Dolls! Can you tell that I am excited????  It’s been another crazy, busy week and I’m ready for some much needed R&R.  However, someone had a crazy idea of having a garage sale tomorrow (talk about dumb!) so I don’t know how much R&R will be had around here.  I think on Sunday, I might crash. But then again, probably won’t b/c I have a birthday brunch and a 5 year old which means ZERO REST. Period.

I have to give a quick little shout out here before I start Blog Blabbing….my AMAZING BESTIE, Heather Van Hooser, was the chair for TaTa’s and Tini’s benefiting Oklahoma Project Woman and I had the privilege of being on her committee, or rather her worker be…okay okay, her slave (kidding Hedge!) Last night was our event and it was super successful and we raised record breaking funds which will all go to help women who can’t afford/doesn’t have health insurance for mammograms and breast cancer treatment.  It was truly and honor to be a part of an amazing event for an even more amazing cause and Heather you are an amazing leader!

Okay, end of shout out…moving on to Blog 🙂

Yesterday was super crazy with getting ready for our event last night, as you can imagine.  I wanted to be comfortable, cool (cause it was toasty out) and of course CUTE!  Mom’s can still be CUTE…make a mental note.

SOOOOOOOOOOOO, I’ve been wanting a pair of the trendy Gladiator’s…but was a little apprehensive because A) I’m not 25 years old B) I’m a shorty and C) My calves are not skinny sticks but, I felt like I hit the jackpot when I found these earlier in the week flying through the mall looking for something else!  They have adjustable straps, they are a great neutral color (which won’t stunt my height) AND they were only $35.99 (on sale for $25 online!) SCORE!!!!  And after wearing them yesterday while running around like a mad woman, they were very comfortable!

Wrapping this up…there is a moral to the story here…you don’t have to be 25 to wear Gladiator’s.  You can be a Mom in Gladiator’s and conquer!  I don’t know exactly what you will be conquering but I’m sure you will figure that out.


Happy Weekend my Friends!


FullSizeRender FullSizeRender_3

Denim Romper // Similar // Similar

Fringe Bottom Kimono, Tilly’s (SOLD OUT) // Similar // Similar

Gladiator Sandals // Similar // Similar

silver-base Leather Tassel Earrings | Stella & Dot Plait Cuff | Stella & DotRoad Home Clear and Green Mirrored Sunglasses at!

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Long Lace Vest


Happy Thursday Loves!  What a whirlwind of a week it has been already!!!! Did I mention that time is ticking away wwwwaaaaayyyyy to fast?  Ya, believe so!  So for today’s lesson class….I wanted to show you this ADORABLE and FABULOUS long lace vest that I got from my Girls, Michele and Jana of Jade Creek Boutique!  It’s a fun little “Mobile” boutique here in the Tulsa area (and they have a web-site and pop-up shops around town…BONUS!)  So, you will probably be seeing me in a lot of their goods!

Jade Creek Boutique

I wore this yesterday while I was frantically running errands in that too short of window span that Mom’s get when kiddos are at school and it was so comfy yet everyone kept commenting on how awesome it looked! And I washed/fixed my hair…aren’t you relieved.  PLEASE, I’m a Mom and sometimes my hair gets less priority hence the purpose for dry shampoo, hair ties and bobby pins.  But anyways, I love Boho Chic…and to me, this piece is IT!  Now, if you’re more of a Shabby Chic kinda girl…this would work too, it’s all in the accessories and what you put it with.  Last week I wore it w/ distressed jeans, a gray tank and heeled sandals and that look was fun too!  It will also work with shorts, a romper/jumper or a sundress as well!  I’m very big on making sure that any piece I purchase is versatile in my wardrobe, I want to make sure I get the most wear out of a piece.  If you’re worried about it being too long cuz you be a shorty…well, I’m a shorty too…I’m 5.4 and a 1/2, okay…call it 5.5 and I have flat sandals on and I didn’t get hung up in anything while I was moving about during the day.

Make it a Great One!


FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender_3 FullSizeRender_2 FullSizeRender_4

Long Lace Vest // Similar // Similar

Gray Tent Dress (Old) // Similar // Similar // Similar

Gladiator Lace-Up Sandal // Similar // Similar

Sunnies // Similar // Similar

Shark Tooth Necklace | Stella & Dot Marlin Earrings - Silver Lola Wrap Bracelet - Temporarily Out of Stock

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What’s White All Over…


Happy Tuesday Doll’s!  I hope you had an AMAZING weekend and Mother’s Day!  Time is flying by fast this year…it just felt like it was Valentine’s and now it’s a week before school is out for the summer…YIKES! (kidding….not kidding…I’ve literally been freaking out, wondering how I am going to keep a VERY BUSY 5 year old boy occupied for a 3 solid months…I’m frightened!)

Anyways…I think you’re here to find out what is White All Over, if I am correct?  Well, it’s ME!  As you can see…I opted for WHITE ON WHITE trend today.  I LOVE this look (and no, it does not look like you’re an orderly or a painter)…it is so clean, fresh and screams Spring/Summer! I mean technically we are still in Spring, I’ve always felt that summer officially kicked off when A) Kids were out of school and B) Memorial Day weekend arrived.  However, when you live in Oklahoma…the weather A) Feels like summer when it’s technically Spring (hello 90 degrees today) and when Memorial Day Weekend arrives it will B) Probably feel like early Spring.  So unpredictable around here…so your wardrobe is very “iffy” over the month of May.  You waffle between jackets and sweat running down the back of your legs (insert my experience on Saturday at the baby shower I hosted…gross!). Am I right or am I right?  I’m still wanting to wear my fun jeans that I have for Spring…not quite ready to sport shorts/dresses everyday. Plus, I am a total jeans girl!

So, how cool are these distressed white crop jeans??? Wanna know a lil secret?  I distressed them myself!!! YUP!  I have been on the endless hunt for a perfect fitting pair of white distressed jeans and have had zero luck finding a pair I love.  ***A little background….I have muscular thighs, not those skinny stick legs that look good in white jeans…so, white jeans tend to magnify my thickness hence making trying on white jeans very frustrating grrrrrrr!***  Which takes me back to distressing these myself.  I had a pair of white crop jeans that I loved the fit, maybe cuz I’ve had them for a while and they have conformed to me and they are comfy so I just took a razor to them (poor things).  I might have got a little carried away but I was definitely going for this exact look.  Then threw them in the washer so they frayed and WALLAH, behold my perfect pair of white distressed jeans!!!!!  ***If you need a tutorial, please shoot me an email…I’m happy to help you go CRAY CRAY on your jeans***

White on white can be soooooo effortless.  Just put a white top with white bottoms…capisce? You have so many options to which accessories and shoes you can go with, allowing your own style to shine!  It can be casual to dressy.  And don’t think I won’t be doing this trend with shorts when it’s blistering outside…cuz I will 🙂


FullSizeRender FullSizeRender_3 FullSizeRender_2

P.S. I’m in love with all things fringe…so please excuse if I do in excess 🙂

Relaxed V-Neck Tee // Similar

 White Distressed Jean Similar // Similar // Similar // Similar

Wedges //  Similar

Sunnies  // Similar

Panama Hat // Similar // Similar

Beaded Handle Tote // Similar


Lotus Tassel Chandeliers | Stella & Dot Turquoise Stone Cuff | Stella & Dot Gilded Path Double Wrap Bracelet | Stella & Dot gold-base

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FullSizeRender_1FullSizeRender  FullSizeRender_2


Happy Saturday and Weekend Loves!  I hope everyone’s weekend has kicked off w/ a BANG!

So, this week I purchased a pair of OVERALL’s!  Now, let’s stop and think about this.  Overall’s, great for a 10 year old right? Or they take you back to the 90’s.  And when I think of overall’s, I also think of Osh’Kosh.  Remember those?  Well, I am obviously not 10 and we are not in the 90’s BUT Overall’s have made a comeback girls!  And even better, is that they come in fun styles that don’t remind you of being a child!  I was soooooo excited when I saw these on the rack and even more excited that they had my size and even much more excited that I got to go a size down! (Those are music to a girls ear…sizing down) Woot Woot!  I instantly starting having visions of all the fun ways I could work these little babies in my wardrobe and hearts started fluttering out of my eyes (not really but you got a visual, didn’t ya?) So, yesterday I was frantically rushing around preparing for a baby shower that I am hosting for a friend’s daughter today.  Wait, my friend’s daughter is having a baby…which means she’s going to be a Grandmother, which means that if my oldest step-son got married and had a baby (he’s the same age as my friend’s daughter that’s having the baby)…I’d be a Grandmother too…panic attack setting in!  Deep Breath…Deep Breath  ***Kippee if you’re reading this…do not have a baby any time soon. Please and Thank you.  Anyways…What was I talking about? Oh ya…Overall’s and yesterday setting up for the shower! SO…I needed to throw on something fun, comfy and movable…the Overall’s were a perfect-o choice!  And it was kind of warm so this stripe tank worked great! These overall’s I have on are a slimmer cut, but are stretchy and are so comfy but also fun! And I love the distressed look of them.  I had so many people stop me while I was out and say that they loved my Overall’s!  And not just any people; I mean young, cool and hip girls….so BOOM!  Overall’s are IN!

Enjoy the weekend!

Blonde Sunglasses | Stella & DotProduct Details



Michael Kors 'Slim Runway' Bracelet Watch, 42mm

Isadora Hoops - Gold

Overall’s Jade Creek Boutique // Similar //


Stripe Tank Forever 21 // Similar // Similar

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Instagram Round’Up

Yee’Ha Cowgirl!  Time for my Instagram Round’Up!


I wore this to a luncheon at 36degrees North that the amazing Julia Kirkendall of Kirkendall Design hosted and talked “Home Design trends of 2016”

Thanks Julia!

 Floral Print Top Old Navy Sold Out Similar // Joggers Garage Sold Out Similar // Black Wedge Just Fab // Bag Zara Sold Out Similar //

 Express Cuff // Drape Collar Necklace // Hoop Earring // Sunnies Dolce Vita Tulsa  Similar


I love this look…it makes me feel all “Dazed & Confused” minus the stimulant!

Plaid Top Stacato Sold Out Similar  // Denim Express Flares Sold Out Similar  // Urban Outfitters sold out Similar // Plait Drop Earrings


Out to Dinner in Utica Square with the Hubs

Chambray Shirt Dress // Louis Vuitton Delightful GM // Peep Toe Booties


So since I couldn’t go to Coachella…I just dressed like it.  Well, sorta…I didn’t show as much skin as you might find at Coachella

(And here I am again in Utica Square! Starting to see a trend?)

Fringe Bottom Top Suite One Sold Out Similar // Cut-Off Denim Shorts // Cross Body Bag // Sanibel Pendant Necklace // Cut-Out Bootie // Sunnies Dolce Vita Tulsa Similar

I hope you have an AMAZING and FASHIONABLE Wednesday



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The Power of Girlfriends


Happy Monday Dolls!  I hope your weekend was full of FUN, Laughter, no stress, REST and not consumed by digging up a ton of Boxwoods and other big bushes around your house to prepare for new plants!  I’m not bitter by any means…it was a great workout!

But, one great thing (other than time with my family) from my weekend was getting together with some of my Posse on Friday night!  And if you know me personally, you know that I am all about making sure that I have time with my girls!  As Moms, it is so easy to get wrapped up in the day to day grind of school activities, our kids sports, homework, laundry, cleaning, errands and by the time the day wraps up…we are pooped!  You fall into bed at night and hope your hubby understands (you know what I’m saying here…wink wink).   But as Women, we need to make time for ourselves, to recharge, to vent, to bounce ideas off one another, to get assurance we haven’t lost our bonkers that our kid like to poop outside (Um, forget that part), to laugh, to get built up, to hug, to cry, to get EMPOWERED and who better else to do that…than your friends who understand all of these things!  Now, don’t get me wrong…my Hubby is amazing at all doing all of the above for me but sometimes I think he wonders if I have a 2nd head because I can be so all over the place.  Although, the dear man would never say that…right Honey????

I am very Blessed to have such a great group of girlfriends.  And my girls are all very strong women who get it!  They are Mom’s, Stepmom’s, business women, and wives.  The empowerment & love that we all give each other is priceless! I think I would loose my bonkers if I did not have these girls. And of course, we can never not be friends because we know too much dirt on the other! Kidding! Not kidding.

Another great thing, is we all share a love of FASHION and SHOPPING!  So, BONUS!

These 2 Beauties here…Heather and Sydney…I have known a LLLLLOOOONNNNNGGGGGG time!  Heather and I became BFF’s starting in college at OSU…we shared a love for horses and life and have been through the ringer together.  Through life, men, jobs, kids, parents, houses, cars and deep sh*t, we have prevailed it all together!  And look at us now!!!!  I’ve known Sydney since I was very young, always googling over her at horse shows (creepn’ maybe?).  We reconnected and became great friends when I was living in Tulsa and we both were going through a big life change at the same time (no details please).  It was such a breath of fresh air to have someone who knew what you were going through, who could relate.  And while building each other up, we became close…we survived and I have an amazing friend to show for it!  So, getting together with these 2 along with the rest of our little posse is soooooo important to this Mommma!  So, If you are not making time for your girlfriends, start NOW.  Get something set up & on the books…you will thank me later.  You’re welcome.

Now, to the fashion part!  Friday night, it was rainy and my hair went uber flat.  Nice.  I was in a hurry from picking up my little man and getting home in time to freshen up and change.  So, I threw on a boyfriend Tee (my new fav shirt) w/ my jeans, chunked my rain boots and threw on some fun fringe heels (and left my closet messy).  I love the look of slouchy tees w/ jeans and heels.  It’s kinda edgy and makes me feel carefree….Grrrrrrr Baby!

Where to Get:

Me: Denim Skinny Boyfriend Jean / Skinny Boyfriend Jean , Tee Old Navy , Fringe Heels Target , Jewelry Necklace Wrap Bracelet

Heather: J Crew Blazer , J Crew Denim Rock Stud Heel

Sydney: Print Cardigan “Becca”  Nordstrom Rack Similar,  Flying Monkey Skinny, Black Shell Top , Black Peep Toe Booties BCBG Dillards  Black Peep Toe Booties (Similar)

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Happy Fri-Yay Ya’ll!!!

FullSizeRender_5   FullSizeRender  FullSizeRender_3

The favorite day of the week has arrived my friends and that means P-A-R-T-Y or if you’re a Mom, it means your last day of freedom for the week! Kidding, Kidding! I love the weekends with my little Monkey (Rhett)!

So, I’m wondering if some of you woke up this morning and went…”what in the krap am I going to wear today”…”it’s going to be rainy and I don’t feel like putting a lot of effort when there is a possibility I’m going to be super-soaked while running from my car into Target”.  I hear your cry my friends! And I think I have a perfect solution for those wardrobe worries…DENIM ON DENIM!

This is my favorite “Go To” wardrobe choice when I’m in a big hurry and don’t have time to put together the “outfit of the day”.  It’s easy, effortless and super cute on anyone!!!!  And I have to admit…I am a little over the top with DENIM on DENIM because I have 5 different denim shirts!  Don’t ask me why…I think it’s called having a problem, maybe?  Anyways D on D (short for DENIM ON DENIM if you hadn’t figured that out, which you did b/c you’re a smart cookie!) can be done w/ jeans, a skirt, or shorts.  And I love how my Hunter Rain Boots makes it kind of look “Farmhouse Chic” but not “Hillbilly Chic” (wait a sec, maybe I can start a new trend?).  If you’re surprised that I spent the moo-lah on a pair of rain boots (b/c I preach about being a frugal fashionista)…I will tell you absolutely I did and it’s worth it!  Hunter Rain Boots are the best!  They are sturdy, long-lasting and a timeless wardrobe piece.  So, you will definitely get your money’s worth if you invest in a pair.  Also, you can find them on e Bay.  If you live in Tulsa, J Cole Shoes has a great assortment of colors.  Check?  Okay, moving on…so, instead of going with the normal necklace move, I added a trendy touch of a simple navy bandanna around my neck.  The bandanna trend is taking Spring and Summer Fashion by storm…okay, maybe not to that extreme but it is very trendy and it takes me back to the 80’s when I freakn’ wore bandannas in my hair 24-7 (forget that last part).  Bandannas are easy to find and probably the cheapest accessory you will own (Hello, $1.99/piece).  Find them at Hobby Lobby, Target, Walmart…you name it.  I’m sensing a big sigh of relief that you now have a new “Go To” outfit.  You’re welcome 🙂

Have a Groovy Weekend and behave yourselves…or don’t…


Where to Find:

Top: Old Navy  Chambray Button-Up

Jeans: Just USA Skinny Boyfriend (Old)/ Similar / Similar / Similar

Cross Body  Bag: “The Regina” from Francesca’s (sold out) / Similar / Similar / Similar

Hunter Rainboots: Zappos / Amazon  / J Cole Shoes

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Out and about Down”T”town

IMG_2075 1

  IMG_2091 1

 IMG_2080 1

 IMG_2104 1

Happy Hump Day!!!!! I have to admit, I’m a lil sleep deprived this a.m. after last nights storms 🙁 Thank goodness we are okay, just a big ole tree branch down in our front yard but the tornado sirens were going off non-stop last night and as you know, it causes certain body parts to “Pucker”!  But, sending thoughts and prayers out there to those that weren’t so fortunate.

Okay, now to fashion business of the day!  I wore this fun look this past Saturday night for a birthday dinner downtown for my girl Stylish Stepmom, Heidi Ducato.  We celebrated at one of T-Town’s newest and coolest restaurants Bull in the Alley.  It finally has a name…for the longest time, noone knew what it was called cuz it’s in an alley, very unassuming, almost kinda like a “secret knock” kinda establishment.  Super cool, food is phenomenal…especially their beast of a chocolate cake (love me some sweets).  They are located in the Brady District, in the alley right behind the Tavern off Main

Again, back to fashion….geesh…I keep getting distracted!  Usually talking about food or drinks does that too me!  Sooooooo I’m loving this utilitarian vest that I bought at Targggeeettt (Target).  It goes w/ EVERYTHING and I will be wearing it with shorts and rompers this summer for sure!  I love the look of red and white stripes with camo/army green.  These Boyfriend Jeans (excuse me, “Tom Girl” jeans from American Eagle) are my favorite “Go-To” this year…first and foremost, they are super cute!  Secondly, they are a little more relaxed and if you have been pigging out on chocolate cake and sucking down dirty martini’s at Bull in the Alley, uhhhh ooooppppps, I might have just shared too much! Anyways, these jeans will hide the bloated feeling that females are so fortunate to experience after we’ve indulged a little too much.  And why I’m on the subject of bloat…GRRRRRRRRRR!  Why is it, as the female body gets older, almost anything will make you swell????  Food, alcohol, standing in heels too long, periods, stress, lack of sleep, you name it… the risk of bloating is in everything!  So, that my friends is why you need boyfriend jeans.  Need I say more?  I just gave you a legitimate excuse to go shopping!!!! WoooooHooooo! P.S. Boyfriend Jeans are super HOT right now in fashion….go get ya some!

I’m sure you’re thinking…”Get on with it already, what is the rest of your digs?”  Yes, Yes….moving on!  So, my shoes…Block Heels are In In and more In!  And thank goodness they aren’t the goth/grunge block heels that I twisted many of ankles with in the 90’s!  Those were “Clunk Heels” in my opinion.  But, Lace-Up and Block are the the hottest combo in shoes for this summer.  And if you’re concerned about the heel height, I’ve seen several in lower heels.  I got these at Just Fab.  I actually get a lot of my shoes from JustFab cuz they are affordable and I get tired of shoes easily so they are expendable, plus they hold up pretty darn good & I am HARD on shoes.  And who doesn’t love cute, affordable shoes????? If you don’t, you’re probably on the wrong Blog.

Here is the wear to grab!

***Utilarian Vest: Target

***Red/White Stripe Tank: Old Navy

***Boyfriend Jeans (Tom Girl Jeans):  American Eagle

***Block Heels: Just Fab and you will need a membership to buy from JustFAb.  It’s super easy.  These block heels are called the “Mysty” in Whiskey color (HaHa, that rhymes!).  They are also are available in black.  But, you better hurry, their HOT styles sell out fast!

***Jewelry: I’m wearing the Gold Michael Kors Runway Watch Nordstrom

(Pssssst…Michael Kors watches are on sale at Nordstom’s right now!!!)

My other jewelry is Gold and vintage pieces

***Sunnies:  (Super Cute Local Boutique here in Tulsa) Dolce Vita Tulsa

Be sure to comment or contact me if you have questions!!!!



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Welcome to TAWNINI!



Sooooooo, here I am…hashing out my very 1st blog post!  Talk about intimidating! I guess you’re probably wondering who I am and what this blog is all about?  Well, sit back…grab a glass of wine, er, or a cup of coffee and I’ll just tell ya!

As you see in my “About” section…my name is Tawni Herburger.  I’m a 39…ya, repeat 39 year old , fashion-loving Mom of 1 ornery 5 year old boy (Rhett)!  I also have 3 older step-son’s…K3 (Kip the 3rd), Aaron and Jacob…all who are either out of college or still in college.  My journey to this point came from having a fashion boutique here in Tulsa, OK for 7 years called “Tawnini” of which I loved doing…however, I love my family more and decided to close up shop when I realized that being a more available mommy was more important to me than growing a business…let me emphasize, “IMPORTANT TO ME”…just to be clear, I commend & respect all Mom’s who juggle both career and family…high to the five!  I just got to the point in life that it wasn’t important to me.

Insert to where I am now.  Now, being a Stay At Home Mom has it perks, but restlessness of not being “out there” was starting to set in…so, my husband (genius) suggested that I start blogging about my fashion “savvy” (he said it, not me).  Hmmmmm….that threw me for a loop.  I mean, it did kinda make sense…I’m always getting asked “Where did you get that” (my famous answer of “you’re going to laugh but I got it at Target or….”) And I’m always getting texts or requests from friends about “What do I need to wear?” or “how do I style this piece?” (Not bragging here, just trying to show you my experience in the subject at hand).  So, over the excitement of “Ya, ya, I can do that”, it turned into Fear.  Fear that no one would want to hear what I had to say, fear of taking “selfies” of what I was wearing, fear that no one would like my style and use it in their everyday lives, fear of where to start, fear of I can’t afford to post a new wardrobe every day, fear of I’m not one of those young hottie bloggers who look flawless and globe trot all over the country (I have such a girl crush on these chics BTW).  But then, one calls on the support group in their lives for advice, the superhero’s that let you know that your fears are silly, they believe in you and say “you can totally rock it”, and also reminded me that I’m not one of those young 20-something bloggers who look flawless (gee thanks girls) but that I’m a real life mom who wipes my kid’s butt, cleans up vomit, cleans a nasty toilet of a boy who can’t seem to aim right!(Enter Angels Singing) I am Mom +  Wife + Fashion Lover  = a Fashionable Mom who can blog about everyday wardrobe, everyday beauty and lifestyle!

And the best part is…I am a budget shopper!  Having a boutique for so long, I knew what apparel costs to manufacture and knew what it cost the retailers (big mark-up).  That makes it super hard for me to pay super inflated prices on fashion & accessories.  Plus my attention span is so short, I easily get tired of a piece/pieces and am not good about wearing things for multiple years.  I like wardrobe turn-over, or rather yet, I like to just get new wardrobe (enter my hubby eye-roll).  Now, I know you get what you pay for but I also know you can get good pieces that will last if you take care of them properly.  I get a HUGE thrill from finding the coolest pieces for CHEAP, if I have a discount code or coupon for it, even better!

So, I hope this blog provides you with insight, ideas, tips and humor.

Cheers to Blogging!



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