Denim Skirt


Hi Dolls!  Happy Hump Day Eve!

Last night the Hubs and I snuck away for a quick sushi date at one of our new fav’s,  Sushi Hanna  in Brookside (try the Naughty and Nice Roll).  How often do you get dates nights?  I find that that they are so very important for the sanity of a married couple.  I love my Lil Monkey and being with him but find that I’m a better parrent when my husband and I are able to have alone time.

So Since it was a low-day Monday night dinner date, I wanted to be chill but cute for my man!  This look was perfect!

This Denim Skirt is sooooooo versatile.  I wore it over Memorial Day weekend with a fun graphic t-shirt tucked in.  It kind of has a Bo-Ho vibe to it (Love me some Bo-Ho)!  It’s great to wear with a belt and tucked in or with a button up tied at the waist.  I knew when I bought it that I would get lots of wear out of it this summer and into the fall with little booties.  The Off-Shoulder look is HOT HOT HOT for summer and of course, gladiator sandals are all the craze!  Just a little warning though on the off shoulder top….don’t get me wrong, I love the look for fun events or adult time…but not while I’m chasing my kiddo around…the sides want to pop up over my shoulders when I make a move.

Off Shoulder Top with Ruffle Express (Sold Out) Similar   // Button-Up Denim Skirt // Gladiator Sandals // Woven Belt Target (Vintage) Similar



(Lord have pity on my banged up legs…ugggg)

City Slim Clutch - Embroidered Indigo Blonde Sunglasses | Stella & Dot Eden Tassel Chandeliers

gold-base Cage Cuff - Gold

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Friday Stripes!


Happy Friday Bae’s!

Is everyone ready for the weekend?  I am!  Another crazy weekend ahead but I’m not complaining…I love Cra Cra busy!

So since school is out and summer is in full swing…I’m officially in Mom Mode…which means I’ll be sporting my “Mom-i-form”. In lameins terms,  Rhett is in tow all day long while I’m running errands so I gotta keep it comfy (to wrangle him) but yet fun!

Rompers are going to be my go-to this summer…they are easy, effortless and 1 piece!  It’s a no-brainer for a busy Mom.  Now, I can feel the eye-rolls…”She thinks everyone should wear rompers”…not true…I’m just saying it’s a great option for a busy Mom IF they work for your body type.  I know that a lot of rompers are short in the rise, and give an “unattractive feature” (you know what I mean?  Starts with a “C”…ends with a “toe”) to a long body female.  For those of you that have a longer torso…there are rompers that are made longer…it just involves a lot of trial and error (trying on).  Or, if you don’t have time for this…maybe a simple sun dress is better for you (Will feature those in a later post).  I myself have trouble finding the perfect rompers…and I try on a lot of them!  But, I’ve been lucky to find several for this summer at very reasonable prices and they are versatile that I can dress up or down!!!  I love me some versatile fashion…but, you knew that!

Moving on…another thing I’m obsessed with is STRIPES, but I think you knew that too.  So, I’m sure you’re not surprised that I found this striped romper.  I don’t know what it is but I have a “stripes” beacon that draws me to striped pieces.  I threw a denim jacket around my waist for some definition and of course have on my go-to hat this summer cuz I just didn’t want to wash my hair today (are you shocked?).


(Lil Monkey asked me to stand on the hottub ledge and dance so he could take a pic of it :))


Romper Charlotte Ruse (Not available On-line, In Stores Only) Similar // Similar // Similar

Light Wash Denim Jacket // Panama Straw Hat // Tkee Flip Flops in Licorice  (I love TKee’s and will spend the money on them b/c they are a timeless shoe and go with EVERYTHING!)

This Tooth necklace can be worn 3 ways, so I took the tooth piece off to wear separately and this engraveable bar necklace can be customized to fit your personally!

Shark Tooth Necklace | Stella & Dot silver-base Isadora Hoops - Silver

Happy Weekend and Donut Day!


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Food Truck Fun


Happy Wednesday All!

How did everyone survive Memorial Day weekend fun?  It took me awhile to recoup and  with 2 weeks in a row of great food and libations, that =’s to bloat and pounds that I do not want…time to get back on track which is hard to do so why not carry on the trend of great food and indulge at Food Truck Wednesday! My body hates me right now 🙁

So as the summer is kicking off, my lil Monkey is already screaming “I’m Bored” and he’s only 5!  I mean WTH?  It’s going to be a long summer and I’m in trouble if he’s already bored and it’s only June 1st…YIKES!  So, I’m trying to come up with fun things for him to do and us to be together.  Tulsa has Food Truck Wednesday around the very cool Guthrie Green area downtown Tulsa every Wednesday.  Food trucks offering everything thing from Tacos to gourmet pizza to Grilled Cheese and so much more is lined up for your eating pleasure!  Plus the Guthrie Green is a cool gathering place/outdoor concert venue with a green area & splash fountain that my kid can totally run crazy around (yes, I am that parent that pre-plans outings based on the factor of will it wear my kid out or make him stir-crazy but then again, most parents do…if you don’t, then you are lying that you don’t.  Sorry…not sorry).  But, this will be a regular fun outing for him and I to do together 🙂

I love this kimono and I got it for a steal! And I can wear it with sooooooo many different things and over a swim suit at the pool! And here are my gladiators…again…I’m hooked on them!  Like I’ve told you before, when I buy a piece I want to make sure it intermingles with everything…including my shoes.

***Side Note*** I tried the 1/2 up top knot today with my hair…epic fail as I look like a sumo wrestler but I was running behind and couldn’t fix it so here it is for your joking pleasure. Please be easy on me!

FullSizeRender_3 FullSizeRender_5

Print Kimono // Cut Off Camo Green Shorts // Sweater Tank Lush Fashion Lounge (sold out) Similar

Similar // Gladiator’s Charlotte Russe (Sold out in color but have nude and black available) Similar Just Fab “Engrid” Gladiator   Similar //

  Arc Pendant Necklace  // Bungalow Hoop E/R’s // Sunnies // Braided Leather Choker

Some fun shots of our outing….

FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender FullSizeRender FullSizeRender_1

Rhett loves him some Josh’s Sno Cones! // Tacos from Lola’s Food Truck // Wall Murals

FullSizeRender_2 FullSizeRender_5 FullSizeRender_1

Me and my lil Monkey “Monkeying” around!  What energy this child has…whew!  Thank goodness for B12!


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Memorial Day Weekend Has Arrived!


Ahhhhhhhhhh Memorial Day Weekend…the official kickoff to summer and don’t forget, the most important…to remember those that we have lost.

This holiday weekend means cookouts, pool time (please hold off rain, please hold off rain, please hold off rain), lake time, gathering with friends, family and some non friends and family (Boo), decorating our lost one’s graves, remembering those that served for our freedom at the cost of their lives, great food, great drinks (cheers), then lots of calories and bad hangovers (uggggg) and SALE SALE SALE’s everywhere!

***Note, be sure to conduct yourself as a lady around those non friends when you’re drinking and not cause any controversy….just say’n***

So, this holiday weekend snuck up on me since we’ve been traveling and I was frantically ordering stuff (swim suits, pool floats, party loot) and paying express shipping (Don’t tell Kip….Oh, Hi Honey if you’re reading this!)

If you remember my swimsuit hunt fail in Dallas?  Well, my ole reliable Vickie Sec’s (Victoria Secret) saved the days…as always!  I ordered this suit in a panic and thank the good LORD above, it fits perfect!  PLUS, it was 40% off (Vic Sec’s is having a big sale on swimwear)

So these are few fun finds that I gathered for the holiday weekend, my staples for summer by the pool, as well as some good sales listed that you might find useful for building your summer wardrobe!

FullSizeRender_2 FullSizeRender


Clothing & Accessories:

 VS’s Bikini “Mixer” in Blue Boho Paisley Foil // Flop Fops (Sold Out) Similar // Straw Tote //  Used Pom Pom Tassel from this Straw Tote // Cactus Bag Accessory H&M (In Stores Only) Similar // Sunnies // American Flag Beach Towel Old Navy (In Stores Only) Similar  //

Embroidered Kimono Target (In Store Only) Similar Here—SAGE-Floral-Womens-Kimono/White/Blue/276929172 //

Floppy Straw Hat,default,pd.html?variantColor=JJC48A1&cgid=18168867

Beauty Products:

For Face Neutrogen Ultra-Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen SPF 55 // For Body Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Weightless Sunscreen SPF 30 // Lips Sun Bum Lip Balm SPF 30 (LOVE the Coconut scent) and Lip BonBon’s by Younique (these are perfect for moisturizer & color in one!)

ALSO, I use St Tropez for my Self-Tanner (no tanning beds, repeat no tanning beds!)…this stuff is Amazballs and does not smell (Bonus!) and I use Hawaiian Tropic After Sun (I don’t know what it is but this stuff feels amazing, smells amazing and seems to help even out my skin after I’ve been in the sun (Nice)

St. Tropez   HAWAIIAN Tropic Skilk Hydration After Sun Ultra Hydrating Lotion - 6 oz

Some fun things I ordered for around the pool:

This Pink Flamingo Float is made for an adult and is soooooo cute in person!  And this little Pineapple cup come in a pack of 12!

 BigMouth Inc Giant Pink Flamingo Pool Float - 4 feet  Pineapple Luau Drinking Cup (Pack of 12)

Some of my Favorite Shopping spots are having great sales for Memorial Day Weekend…Happy Shopping & Saving!!!

Express (40% off) // Old Navy (tanks, tees, shorts & swim 50% off) // Forever21 (Extra 30% off w/ Promo Code EXTRA30) // LuLu’ (Up to 70% off) // Victoria’s Secret (Up to 60% off on Swimwear) // Charlotte Russe (up to 50% off + sign up for emails and get 20% off your purchase) // Target (30% off with Promo Code Online + Free Shipping for orders $25+)

Happy Memorial Day Gang!


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Fun in Las Colinas & Dallas


WOW!  What a whirlwind of week it has been…Tennessee, then Texas and now finally back to Tulsa and  Home Sweet Home!  I LOVE to travel but there is something about coming home to your house and your own bed…plus I have missed my Lil Monkey these past few days! However, I am not looking forward to the major clean up that was here waiting for me when I walked in the door.  GRRRRRRRR

Kip and I had a blast in Las Colinas & Dallas!  Of course we always do when we travel but believe me, we (or rather I) pay for it later (hello bloat and extra LBs that I did not want or need especially the week before Memorial Day weekend which involves being in a bikini…YIKES!)  And speaking of bikini’s…talk about a depressing subject.  I don’t know what it is or why but this year I have had the hardest time finding swimsuits that fit right.  Does it seem they are cut to fit a 12 year old rather than a 39 year old who has given birth?  I bet I tried on 25 in Dallas this weekend and didn’t find one that I loved 🙁 Can I say GRRRRRRR again! But, you don’t want to read about my swimsuit hunt pity party.  So, although that was an epic fail…I did get to go shopping, which Dallas shopping is so awesome (even for a bargain shopper as myself) and I was so excited to go to Nordstrom and IKEA!!!! Nordstrom has a boutique line called “BP” that is so trendy and super affordable!  I found so many great things to try on (however seemed to be having an “off” day of things fitting…uggggg).  Do you ever have those days when nothing fits that you loved hanging on the rack? But, I did find some great little finds at the Galleria and some needed home things at Ikea.  And while I’m on the subject of Ikea…um when are we getting one in Tulsa???


Lace Up Tank // Fringe Bottom Shorts // Gladiator Sandals // Panama Hat // Boho Gold Chandelier Earrings //

White Leather Wrap Bracelet


Red Print Jumper // Lucite Heels  // Straw Clutch Sold Out Similar  // Cuff

I think I mentioned bloat and extra LBS from the trip…probably brought on by the amazing food we had at Uchi in Uptown Dallas area!  This was our 1st time to eat at Uchi and it was pretty amazing…especially their flash fried brussel sprouts…YUM!  We also got to eat at our favorite restaurant (which is a Dallas must) Nick & Sam’s  in Uptown.  Amazing food, drinks and atmosphere…It never fails to deliver!


(The “Swag” role at Uchi…highly recommend)

The weather was mostly rainy but we got to sneak in a few relaxing hours by the pool yesterday afternoon after Kip’s conference was over and had some cute company.  These ducks were hilarious!

FullSizeRender_1 IMG_3767 FullSizeRender_2

This Panama hat is going to be my summer go to by the pool and love these new shades I picked up at Nordstrom

Sunnies // Cover-Up Sold Out Similar

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Grown-Up Time


Good morning from raining and stormy Las Colina, Texas!!!!

After blowing back into town on Saturday from Tennessee, I had just enough time to catch a good nights sleep and up the next morning to repack, get Rhett situated at my Mom’s and headed back out on the road with my Hubby to Dallas, Texas for a Bank Director’s Conference and much needed Mommy/Daddy Time. (Side Note-I had a great time with Mom and Rhett in Tennessee, but ready for some MUCH needed alone time with the Hubs).  And no, I’m not a globe-trotting blogger (swoon) but it’s a very rare situation where I had back to back trips.  But believe me, I am not complaining…I am loving it!

Yesterday when we arrived to the resort, the Byron Nelson PGA tournament was just finishing up…so much excitement around the hotel and it’s so cool to see all of the grand stands and tents set up around the grounds for the event!  If you have never been here to the Four Seasons Las Colinas…I highly recommend it! (Four Seasons Las Colinas)  It has something for everyone!  The 1st time we came here was for our “BabyMoon” pre-Rhett.  And we have been back several times since.  It’s great for adult time and family time.  The golf course is amazing, the pool is awesome and the rooms are wonderful (can you say cozy beds & pillows).   And by some crazy luck we scored a corner suite with this amazing balcony view of the golf course (never happens),

Last night we met friends for dinner that we have not seen in 3 years…it was so amazing to see them and catch up!   Been far too long Mike and Cathy!

The weather down here is already in the steady mid-80’s and with the storms on the horizon, it’s also kinda humid…so, forgive my hair faux-paux (Hey, at least I washed it).  You’ve seen this long lace vest before…and when I bought it, I was super excited about all the ways I would be able to use it with lots of different looks this summer!  Plus, I love the Boho Vibe and if you know me…you know I love the Boho look 🙂

***WARNING: I can’t seem to stop wearing this gold tassel necklace from Target and the gold cuff from Express…they have become my summer staple so no haters please***

***Links where to find accessories in “Music City” Post***


FullSizeRender_3 FullSizeRender_1

Print Romper // Similar // Similar

Long Lace Vest // Similar // Similar

 Block Heel // Similar // Similar

Gold Clutch, Stash Tulsa // Similar // Similar

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Music City


Ahhhhhh Nashville!  I love this town….so much energy, diversity and music on every corner!  We spent a couple of days in my hometown and of course ventured over to Nashville for a couple of days (it’s only a 40 minute short drive over).  Seeing all of the new things going on in Nashville is so exciting but visiting all of the old traditions of my years past is even more exciting!  Yesterday we visited a new hip and trendy area called The Gulch…restaurants and hipsters galore in The Gulch!  We walked upon these amazing wings that were painted on the wall and the Lil Monkey (aka Rhett) loved that there were wings in his size…although I’m thinking he’s resembling a little gargoyle with this look on his face rather than an angel! Kidding! Not kidding.

 FullSizeRender_3 FullSizeRender_2

I took Rhett to one of my most fav places to chow down at in Nashville…SATCO (for those of you not familiar with the famous SATCO, it’s San Antonio Taco Company) right across the street from the Vanderbilt campus. There’s nothing like their tacos and buckets of beer on the patio.  I don’t think Rhett was as thrilled as I was…he wanted McDonald’s (clearly this kid did not inherit my love of good food).

FullSizeRender_1  IMG_3673 FullSizeRender

Centennial Park was absolutely beautiful and the Monkey loved venturing all around the Parthenon…pretending he was a Greek War God from days past (this was rather hilarious…we got lots of stares and odd looks from park patrons)

IMG_0839   IMG_0860

***The Parthenon in Nashville is a full size replica of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece***

(Do you feel a little more cultured after reading that tidbit?)

Of course if you’re in Nashville…you have to have breakfast at Pancake Pantry by Belmont University.  Yes, you more than likely will have to wait in a big line that wraps around the building but my friends, it’s well worth the wait…hello, desert for breakfast????


We were all over the city (lot’s of bribing Rhett to be good)…Downtown, Music Row, GreenHill’s.   Lots of reminiscing of places we used to shop at and hang out at.  What a town!



(Sunset in Centennial)

Top from Francesca’s (not online, instore only) Similar // Similar // Similar //

Flare Jeans, Express (wash sold out) // Similar // Similar // Similar

Wedges // Similar // Similar

Top Stun Gold Sunglasses at! Women's Fashion Long Necklace with Beads and Tassel - Gold (32") open textured cuff bracelet Enamel Bracelet | Stella & Dot Boone Ring in Gold

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Going Back Home


Can you truly go back home?  What a question…let me answer that one for you…

On Tuesday my Mom, Rhett and I road tripped back to the town that I grew up in and that molded who I am…Dickson, Tennessee.  So, the question of can you truly go back home…especially when all your family has left,  the house you lived in is occupied & owned by someone else and the town is the same but yet so much different and bigger…the answer is YES you can!  That feeling you get when pulling into town of the memories and reminiscing of all the experiences you had, the trouble you caused, the drama, the loves, the losses, the growing up, the hard lessons, and the fun all come flooding over you and chills…literally chills come over your body.  You think, “WOW, did I really live here”? Especially when you have been gone for 20 years and the answer is Yes, yes you did and the feeling of “Welcome Back” is there!  It’s emphasized when you have lunch with your best friend from high school along with her her 2 of 3  adorable children…the best friend who you went off to college with…who was there in some of the most monumental times of your life.   To having breakfast with your other best friend from school (her oldest daughter is graduating from high school this week…Hello!  Makes you feel uber old and screaming  We’re not even 40 yet!!!)   You feel like you don’t know a soul, but yet you run into people in the parking lot of Wal-Mart and know that you were a part of this town and piece of it will always be with you.

Now when I lived here and growing up…I was T-totally a cowgirl…during that time, Rocky Mountain Jeans were the thang if you were a cowgirl and I had 5o freakn pairs of them…all colors, designs and styles.  Over kill?  I would say so BUT, I sure was styln’ at the time!  Please hold all snickers and giggles to yourself please….I was a cowgirl, emphasize, cowgirl!  I rodeo’d, rode horses, rode in the back of pick-up trucks, drove a truck and grew up in  a rodeo family…it’s just what you did or rather wore.  My My how times have changed.  And although, I’ve changed or rather blossomed…my hometown is familiar, the same, constant and provides that sense of security of “Welcome Home”



(Me in front of my Alma-Mater)

Plaid Button-Up // Similar // Similar

Boyfriend Jean // Similar // Similar

Peep Toe Booties // Similar // Similar


(So Glad that I’m not in High School anymore)


(Down Town Dickson)

FullSizeRender (1)

(Laura, my bestie from school…so great to see you and Mare today XOXO)

(And I have a peacock sticking up behind my head…WTF?)

Ba-Bye Dickson, so glad I got to see you 🙂

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Weekend Shenanigan’s


Happy Tuesday Dolls!  Who is over this Tulsa Rain??? If you don’t live in Tulsa, you have no idea what I am talking about but…I’m over it…ready for summer!  On another note…today is Rhett’s last day of Pre-K…bittersweet my friends…bittersweet.  1) The Lil Monkey is growing way to fast and 2) I’m panicking on how I am going to keep this Lil Monkey occupied over the summer other than lots of swimming and bribing.  However, I’m strongly considering making him my official photographer…hmmmmmm.

So, this weekend was pretty jam packed…as always.  Did I mention garage sale in my post on Friday?  Yup, that happened and I’m unsure again why I did it?  Uggggg.  But, the bright side was a date with my Handsome Hubby and a brunch celebrating my sweet friend, Kelly Wilhelm’s, Epic Birthday!  Happy Birthday Kelly!  Now, onto the FASHION!

I’m obsessed with this army green jacket that I bought at Lucky in NYC.  I have definitely gotten my money’s worth out of it this Spring, it goes with everything and is the perfect weight to take the chill out of the weather.  Plus, I got it at 40% off when I bought it…BONUS!  And I think I’ve mentioned how excited I am that Flare Denim is back in…I’m pretty sure I have b/c it makes me giddy!  I feel that Flare is more flattering on my body type b/c my thighs are thicker and the flare helps balance that out.


Lucky Army Jacket (On Sale…if you sign up for Lucky emails you get a coupon to use) //  Similar // Similar

Express Flare Jeans // Similar // Similar // Similar

Sweater Tank LuLu’s Fashion Lounge (Sold Out) // Similar //  Similar

Peep Toe Booties // Similar // Similar

Legend Pendant Necklace - Silver Fillmore Tote - Geo Cork

I LOVE this jumper…it’s from last season but it’s perfect to carry over for this year because Palm Print is still BIG!  And this was the perfect piece for brunch on Sunday!

FullSizeRender_3 FullSizeRender_2 FullSizeRender_4

 Palm Print Jumpsuit (sold out) // Similar // Similar //Similar // Similar

Gray Kimono H&M (sold out) // Similar // Similar

Heels Suite One  // Similar // Similar

Women's Fashion Long Necklace with Beads and Tassel - Gold (32")

TaTa for Now!


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Mom in Gladiator’s


Happy Weekend Weekend Weekend Dolls! Can you tell that I am excited????  It’s been another crazy, busy week and I’m ready for some much needed R&R.  However, someone had a crazy idea of having a garage sale tomorrow (talk about dumb!) so I don’t know how much R&R will be had around here.  I think on Sunday, I might crash. But then again, probably won’t b/c I have a birthday brunch and a 5 year old which means ZERO REST. Period.

I have to give a quick little shout out here before I start Blog Blabbing….my AMAZING BESTIE, Heather Van Hooser, was the chair for TaTa’s and Tini’s benefiting Oklahoma Project Woman and I had the privilege of being on her committee, or rather her worker be…okay okay, her slave (kidding Hedge!) Last night was our event and it was super successful and we raised record breaking funds which will all go to help women who can’t afford/doesn’t have health insurance for mammograms and breast cancer treatment.  It was truly and honor to be a part of an amazing event for an even more amazing cause and Heather you are an amazing leader!

Okay, end of shout out…moving on to Blog 🙂

Yesterday was super crazy with getting ready for our event last night, as you can imagine.  I wanted to be comfortable, cool (cause it was toasty out) and of course CUTE!  Mom’s can still be CUTE…make a mental note.

SOOOOOOOOOOOO, I’ve been wanting a pair of the trendy Gladiator’s…but was a little apprehensive because A) I’m not 25 years old B) I’m a shorty and C) My calves are not skinny sticks but, I felt like I hit the jackpot when I found these earlier in the week flying through the mall looking for something else!  They have adjustable straps, they are a great neutral color (which won’t stunt my height) AND they were only $35.99 (on sale for $25 online!) SCORE!!!!  And after wearing them yesterday while running around like a mad woman, they were very comfortable!

Wrapping this up…there is a moral to the story here…you don’t have to be 25 to wear Gladiator’s.  You can be a Mom in Gladiator’s and conquer!  I don’t know exactly what you will be conquering but I’m sure you will figure that out.


Happy Weekend my Friends!


FullSizeRender FullSizeRender_3

Denim Romper // Similar // Similar

Fringe Bottom Kimono, Tilly’s (SOLD OUT) // Similar // Similar

Gladiator Sandals // Similar // Similar

silver-base Leather Tassel Earrings | Stella & Dot Plait Cuff | Stella & DotRoad Home Clear and Green Mirrored Sunglasses at!

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