Utilitarian Fashion


Happy Friday Eve my People!

Sooooo, I have been REALLY bad the past couple weeks.  Waiting until the last couple days of the week to crank out my Posts…but hey, what can I say?  I’m on Summer time with a little person in tow 24-7.  But, that’s the beauty of being a Mom Blogger…there is no set schedule.  I don’t think you guys are going to fire me if I am not blogging every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on the dot.  Or maybe you will? YIKES!

School will be starting in 5 weeks…5 weeks!  Has summer flown by, I would say so!  It felt just like yesterday when I was freaking out on how I was going to keep my Lil Monkey entertained over the summer…and here we are…5 more weeks until the fight is over!  I’m just kidding…not.  Seriously, it’s been a great summer and the 1st summer I’ve been able to fully enjoy it with him and not have to juggle a business.  SO VERY GRATEFUL.

So, for today’s lesson class…I chose “Utilitarian”.  And you might ask your self, “Utili-What?”.  Don’t get excited and feel you missed a link in the fashion “know”.  The Utilitarian trend is not new.  It just keeps being “reinvented” over the years.  Utilitarian is “Softer than Military and sleeker than Safari”.  I like to think of a plain white shirt stepped up, olive or army green, khaki/tan, jumpsuits, and parkas.  It is simplistic but yet sophisticated and Utilitarian is  truly wearable, easy street fashion.  And I love it b/c it goes for all seasons.

And since you know me…you know I found this little cutey for a good price (um, it’s on sale RIGHT NOW for $19.97)…at no other than…drum roll please…TARG’ET (Target people, Target)!!!!

It’s easy to take this Utilitarian Romper for Casual or step it up a notch with a quick shoe/bag change for evening.  I chose these reptile print wedges for a more casual evening look.  And I love these wedges…I don’t get to wear them much b/c they are “special” and don’t go with everything…i.e. not versatile in my closet.  But, I got them from my go-to shoe one stop shop…JustFab.com

Utilitarian Romper // Gold Tassel Necklace (on Sale!) // Tall Gladiator Sandals (Charlotte Russe, Sold Out) Similar //

Reptile Print Wedge https://www.amazon.com/Liliana-Snakeskin-Leatherette-Espadrille-Platform/dp/B00SWLJR44/ref=sr_1_12?ie=UTF8&qid=1468514420&sr=8-12&keywords=snakeskin+wedges




And my Favorite Picture…me getting a smooch from this Handsome Boy…Priceless 🙂


gold-base  Isadora Hoops - Gold Fillmore Tote - Geo Cork   


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Shopping Local Series with Stash Apparel and Gifts


Happy Fri-Yay my Peeps!

I hope everyone has fun plans for the weekend, or even if you don’t, you just have fun this weekend even if it’s just sitting on your bum staring into space 🙂

Soooooooo, I have decided that I am going to collab post at least once a month with some local and fab boutiques in the Tulsa area.  I am all about supporting local! Being a former small business owner myself…I know the importance of having the support of your community and LOVE LOVE LOVE people who like to shop “Small” (and no, I do not mean shopping small items).  People don’t realize how much small business owners survive on the support of people in their community.  They don’t have the luxury of a big box stores marketing budget…they rely upon loyal customers who spread the word to their friends, and their friends to their friends and so on.  Although Social Media has made it much easier for a Small Business to thrive and grow, it’s still the community that is crucial.

So, this month…I was very fortunate to get to collab with the fun girls over at Stash on Brookside (for those that aren’t familiar with the Brookside area in Tulsa…it’s a fun and upbeat area of Midtown Tulsa with great restaurants, bars and shops!)  I’ve known the owner for probably  going on 4 years now and she’s just a super cool chick (who has really adorable twin babies BTW AND one of the twin’s name is Rhett!).  Stash has an upbeat and trendy apparel as well as adorable and awesome children’s items and gifts!  Actually, they have really great children’s specialty items…like those really cool strollers and equipment that the celebs are using!  Kinda makes you want to have another baby just to buy this stuff.  Well, maybe not but it is really cool!  They also do personalization of gifts and have a great assortment of cards.

I had such a great time yesterday trying on pieces and it was so hard to choose which ones I wanted to feature b/c it’s all so awesome and fun!  So, just to give you a taste…I went for some fun summer pieces and a couple that will transition into fall since that is on the horizon (Um what?).

So this little floral top is by far my favorite piece because it’s soooo my “Boho Chic” style and I can’t wait to pair it with little ankle booties this fall!  Check out the cuuutttteeee fringe clutch/crossbody too both from Stash! And of course my new fav shoe, the Marc Fisher Wedge


This little chambray denim tank dress is very flirty!  And it can be paired with shorts if you want to use it as a long tank (depending on your height).  I also LOOOOVVVEEEE this leather lariat necklace with a horn on it!



So my Hubby was really digging this little lace number and asked when I was going to be wearing this again! Haha! Perfect for a casual with flip flops or take it up a notch with fun wedges or gladiator heels! And check out this fun gemstone chokers that they just go in yesterday!  I felt lucky to be the 1st one to try on hot out of the box.  They come in a variety of colors…



(please excuse my “Looks like I’ve been in a fight” legs)

This little Tie-Dye Number walked out of the store with me in my shopping bag and it’s another versatile piece that I will be transitioning into Fall with.  Perfect with sandals & wedges now then ankle booties this fall.  You know I love versatile.


Be sure to go see Ashley and Shana at Stash…located at 3734 S Peoria!  Also check them out on https://www.facebook.com/StashTulsa/?fref=ts , Twitter, and Instagram

But hurry in fast b/c these little finds will fly out the door!

Happy Weekend


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1 Kimono, 3 Ways


(Say “Hi” Trigger)

Ahhhhh, did you think I forgot about ya?  Nope, I’ve just been in extreme recovery from the 4th of July holiday weekend.  Matter of fact, I don’t think I’ve been right since returning from Cali.  The bod just doesn’t seem to bounce back like she used to.  The woes of getting older, boo.

So, the lesson for today kiddies is 1 Kimono, 3 ways.  Now, if you’re like me…you go ga-ga over kimonos.  Every time I see one, I have to talk myself out of buying it b/c I have to many already.  How many does 1 person actually need?  So, if you’re not a kimono junky like I am…then you can make do with 1 to 2 in your closet.  And that my friends is what today’s post is about, making it work multiple ways.

So, if you’re a loyal follower (thank you if you’re) then you’ve seen this kimono in a prior blog post.  And if you know me, you know I like to have versatile pieces in my wardrobe. I have got quite a bit of wear out of this little lovely (and it was only $22.99 at my favorite place…Target!  I purchased it right before the Memorial Day weekend and have been taking full advantage of it’s cuteness every since.

To break it down, I’ve used it in the most simple of ways: Bathing suit cover-up, casual with cut-off jean shorts and  stepped up with a denim romper and wedges…so easy, so cute!

Look 1: Bathing Suit Cover-Up (Obviously)


Kimono // Bikini // Floppy Straw Sun Hat (Nine West-Sold Out)


Look 2: Casual with denim cut-offs, tank and gladiators (And do you notice my hair is clean & fixed? Plus I don’t have sunglasses on which means I have makeup on! Applause please. AND I seem really tall in the picture, extra bonus for this sho’tty)


Tank (Marshalls) // Cut-Off Denim Shorts (Target Sold Out) Similar // Gladiator (Charlotte Russe Sold Out) Similar

Look 3 (and the last one I promise) is with a Denim Romper and Wedges.  This look is fun for multiple occasions…dinner out, lunch with friends, or just walking around in your house (hey, whatever is yo’ thang) but you get the picture.


Denim Romper // Wedges // Hugh Cross Body Bag http://justfab.com

Rebel Pendant - Silver silver-base Maylee Ring - Silver

So, do you feel much more fashion knowledgeable with this amo in your back pocket?  If so, then my work is done.

Happy Hump Day 🙂


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Pom Pom Wedges


So, who has been obsessed with the Pom Pom fashion craze this summer? Um….ME!  I have Pom Poms on my clothes, my handbags, my jewelry and now my shoes!!!

So, I have been drooling over the Alameda Turquesa “Holi” Pom Pom Wrap Sandals.  However, I do not and will not pay $345 for them.  One, it’s a trend that will probably be dead next summer and Two, I just wouldn’t spend that kind of moo-lah on a pair of shoes, not to mention a very trendy pair of shoes.  Talk about grounds for a divorce! “You spent what on a pair of wedges”?  Um, ya…no bueno people, no bueno.

FullSizeRender (3)

So, I got my little thinker to going.  Don’t be shocked…I do have good thoughts and ideas from time to time.  Contrary to what you think, I am a pretty crafty chick.  I love coming up with clever ways to put my own spin on a high end/pricey/expensive piece.  So, this little post is going to tell you exactly how I did that and the kicker is, these shoes ended up costing me around $15!  Are you intrigued?????

So, here is my little tutorial on how to make your own Pom Pom Wedge Sandals.  This will also work on any other sandals.  You only need a few simple materials:

-Shoe of choice (I ordered the wrap up wedges from Shoe Dazzle and because I upgraded to VIP status, the shoes were only $9,99!)

-Bag of Craft Pom Poms in and assortment of colors and sizes (I got mine from Hobby Lobby but any craft store has them)

-Glue Gun and Glue Sticks


Now you’re ready to get crafting!

First, I picked out my color sequence and sizes that I wanted to use.  And of course, plugged in my glue gun to get it nice and hot. Then I started with the 1st Pom Pom and glued in the middle. I started on the toe strap as this is where the majority of Pom Poms were going. So, I started with a larger orange one as my center starting spot and placed it where the straps crossed over the top of my foot.  Put a small amount of glue on the shoe then stick the Pom-Pom on and hold it until the glue hardens.


Next I just figured out my sequence of the Pom Poms and decided what colors I  liked where and went for smaller Pom Poms to frame the large orange one.

IMG_5346 IMG_5347 IMG_5349

As you can see, I put each Pom Pom on each strap over the top of the foot.

Lastly, I put the shoes on and wrapped them up my ankles and tied them to see where to put a couple of Pom Poms on the wraps around my ankles/legs just for a little extra “flair”.

IMG_5352 IMG_5351 IMG_5615

And Wa-La…how stinkn’ ADORBS are these Pom Pom Wedges!  They will look great with all white, all black, denim, options are endless!!!!!

Here are a few other pieces that I’m digging with the Pom Pom trend…

Black Spaghetti Strap Pom-pom Backless Jumpsuit Tribal-Inspired Pom Clutch  White Off The Shoulder Pom Pom Trim Blouse


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Cali with the Girls!


Good morning Dolls…I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!  I know I sure did 🙂

If you read my post from last Wednesday, you knew that I was packing for a Girl’s Getaway trip to California (or Cali as I call it)!

Let’s just say this: 1) It was an amazing trip and 2) I definitely want to move there…hint hint Kip 🙂  We had an amazing adventure on our little getaway and sooooooooooo much FUN!

Our trip was supposed to be entirely in Palm Springs but when I had planned this little trip, I failed to check the weather…Holy Moly…it was HOT, like 115/120 HOT…but, it’s a “dry heat”…a dry heat, like that makes a difference.  Hot is hot people, am I right?  We flew into “OC” (Orange County) to avoid the craziness of LAX.  After we got our rental car we decided to jaunt a short 20 minutes West to the coast and have lunch in lovely Newport Beach…it was 70 degrees when we arrived! I had almost forgot what 70 degrees felt like!  Newport is such a beautiful little beach town…so quaint and beautiful!  Needless to say, we did not really want to leave but were excited to see what Palm Springs had in store for us.  We chose the Saguaro Palm Springs, I had seen it quite a bit on Social Media and instantly feel in love with the vibrant colors of the property and the Mid-Century feel.  If you are in PS’s, I recommend you check it out if you like that vibe.  They are known for their pool parties (with a DJ) and their watermelon beverages (yum!)

Saguaro Palm Springs

So, you’re probably wondering abut the important stuff like shopping and food, right? Well, don’t worry…I won’t leave you hanging! PS’s has a shopping district called El Paseo’ which is called the “Rodeo’ Drive of the desert with your high end shopping like Gucci, Tiffany, and LV to name a few. Um, not that I was purchasing…but was fun dream.  However, we definitely did some damage at Nordstrom Rack! There was also a higher end outlet mall that we forced ourselves to not venture too 🙁 Now onto the food! We definitely lucked out on that end.  And scored 2 amazing restaurants in downtown Palm Springs, LuLu’s and Eigh4Nine.  Both had an amazing menu, amazing cuisine, amazing drinks and atmosphere.  Talk about not disappointed!

IMG_5380 IMG_5362  FullSizeRender_1

Time for a little shakeup! With the heat and getting a taste of the beach, we decided that we needed to make a little change in our plans and head back to the coast.  So, we packed up and said Peace Out to Palm Springs and Hello to Huntington Beach!

Huntington Beach is the Surf Capital of the USofA!  And I can see why…the waves were great and the vibe was so chill.  Just a short drive south of LA, Huntington has everything!  And I don’t know how but I lucked out in booking a Fabu Hotel at the last minute (I think they had like 1 room left)!  The Pase’a Hotel and Spa Link is a new (as in 3 weeks old new) property that is right on the Pacific Coast Hwy and looks right out onto the beach.  Every room has a beach view…it’s just beautiful and the property is so swanky and modern. The service was amazing, the rooms were so comfortable and equipped and the pool was killer! 2 thumbs up, or 3 if I had an extra one. I will definitely be going back!

FullSizeRender_3  IMG_5572

We definitely made the most of our short time there and crammed in pool time, beach time, eating and more shopping! The bonus, we had a local tie… my friend Sara opened a boutique there in Huntington this past November called the WearHouse which is located in the new shopping area (right next door to the Pase’a), Pacific City.  This is here 2nd retail local!  Her 1st is in Sugar Land, TX right outside of Houston.  Take my word for it, the WearHouse is going to be the next Francesca’s…only better!  Unfortunately we didn’t get to see Sara b/c she was in TX, but her Momma, Fay, was working and it was so good to see her and catch up!  Great job on the store Sara!  If you’re on Instaram, check her out @thewearhouseboutique!


(Us with Momma Fay) (And excuse my lack of fashion here, I was definitely in beach bum mode!)

What a BLAST!

***Here are some of my hits for the trip***

Cupshe Fashion Women's Tropical Leaves Printing Tank Padding Bikini Set, Green (L)                Women's Printed Kimono - Xhilaration™ (Juniors')

Marc Fisher LTD Adalyn Bali Love Romper Pentagon Cateye Sunglasses  IT Luggage Honeycomb Polypropylene 3 Piece Set, Cream, One Size

 Hugh  IMG_5587   Eden Tassel Chandeliers | Stella & Dot   Women's Soft Straw Tote - Merona™

And now, I must leave you to go clean my house and get it back in order after being gone for 4 days…YIKES!!!!


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Effective Packing for My Girl’s Getaway!


Ohhhhhhh Lawdy!  You do not know how long this has been coming (um since Rhett was 11 months old is how long!)

The crew and I are venturing out tomorrow for a much needed Girl’s Getaway to Sunny Palm Springs, Cali!  I am soooooooooo excited…did I  mention the so part?  So, I thought this would be a great opportunity to show you how I effectively pack for my trip!

As you can see from above…I start by placing pieces on my roll-a-way rack.  Now, this rack starts out full with pieces that I want to take or think that would be fun for the trip, unfortunately I can’t take everything so I start thinking in my about how many days I’m going to be gone and break it down from there.  So, since I’m going to be gone for 4 days and 3 nights I know that I will need:

-4 day outfits (2 of these days will involved traveling, so I need some comfort)

-3 evening outfits (I will take 4 so I have options

-3 swimsuits and cover-ups because I know we will really optimize pool time since it’s going to be around 112 degrees there (YIKES!!!) (It’s a dry heat)

***If you don’t need to wear a different swimsuit each day then pack 1-2 but I don’t like to wear the same things twice over a trip***

After I determine the # of pieces I’ll need, I break it down into categories on the rack (as you can see here I have dresses grouped together for evening wear, then pool wear, then day wear.  I’m taking a mix of dresses, rompers, tops and shorts to mix it up.  But I’m taking pieces that are lightweight (obviously to stay cool in) and won’t weight down my suitcase.  Then there is the ‘shoe situation’…what to choose to take…what to choose?  This is always harder for me than the clothing aspect of packing!  I try and determine what shoes to take that will be versatile enough that I can wear a couple of times and that will match several outfits.  So, usually I determine that:

2 pairs of heeled sandals

1-2 wedges

2 pairs of flat sandals (1 for the pool that can get wet and not cause a breakdown)

***As you can see in the below pic, my running shoes are in the suitcase and I threw in some workout wear so I’m accountable to hit the gym while away***


I have found that rolling my clothing up is the most effective way to get the most use out of space in a suitcase.  Stacking shoes as closely together isn’t going to hurt the shoe, they will pop back out.

I choose bags that are versatile, so usually I go with:

2 cluthes

1 insert bag to use in my pool bag for money, credit cards and phone

1 crossbody

1 bag that doubles as a carry on and a pool bag


For my jewelry I like to choose pieces that will go with everything so I’m not taking a ton of jewelry.  A lot of my pieces will look great with gold, so that is what I’m going with.  I like to put my earrings, bracelets & watches in a small zipper pouf then I take a hand towel and I roll my long necklaces up into it.  This way they don’t get all twisted together or tangled.  I’ve tried jewelry bags and none are as effective as this DIY method


Next is makeup….

Soooooooo I can’t take my whole makeup case (would be a carry on) which leaves me to make a choice on what I will use the most and is neutral to go with everything I will be wearing.  These are some of my go to choices!  And I’m loving this Younique BB cream and Bronzer combo for my foundation…it screams summer skin! Find at https://www.youniqueproducts.com/JordanPhilbeck


***Please excuse the look of my makeup brushes…they’ve definitely got some miles on them***

So now I’m all set!  To place everything in my suitcase.  And I still have left room for my overnight bag and “unmentionables”


So now I’m all set!  I will either carry on my hat or wear it tomorrow during my flight!  See ya in Sunny Palm Springs!



P.S.  I will be linking my pieces in Monday’s Blog Post so stayed tuned (if you need to know right now, then shoot me an email at  Tawnini)!!!!

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Fringe and PJ Shorts


Heeeerrrrrreeeeeee’s Monday!!!!

How was everyone’s Father’s Day?  Were the Dad’s in your life as happy as mine were?  I have quite a few Dad’s in my life…my Hubby, My Dad and Daddy (yes I have 2 Dad’s) and my Father-In-Law.  All had an amazing day!

Back to Monday’s.  Did anyone wake up in a panic because it’s Monday?  Normally I do, but this morning it was a different story.  Why? I have no idea…my Lil Monkey woke up on the wrong side of the tent (he’s really into sleeping in his little VW bus tent lately) and was a major  Lil Bear  (instead of his Lil Monkey self) and has been whining the whole morning because he didn’t want to go to swim lessons (makes him mad that his instructor “pushes him into the deep in) (She’s not pushing you son, she’s teaching you proper diving form). But,  surprisingly I wasn’t stressed, didn’t want to go back to bed or  start drinking b/c of Monday and a grumpy lil bear who doesn’t want to swim….YAY!  (Insert a lil baby clap).


(My little swimmer today)

And it’s going to be another full day of swim lessons, errands, play dates and I am helping a friend pull a fun wardrobe for a trip this evening!

So, with a busy schedule…it’s about choosing practical, comfortable AND fun clothing to adorn myself in!  I am a busy Mom, I LOVE to get all dressed up in the evenings with heels and flashy but during the day when I am lugging my grumpy Lil Monkey in and out of places (in the blazing heat no less) I need to feel that my body can breath.

So, the PJ short is still pretty popular.  It came around last summer but has stuck around for this summer (BONUS). This style of short is so light weight, breathable and can be effortless w/ a fun top or a basic tank/tee.  You can also dress up or down depending on your choice of  top, shoes & jewels/accessories.

I found these shorts at Forever 21 for $8…that’s right friends, $8!  And they have pockets!!!! Woot Woot!  It doesn’t take much to get me excited.  I LOVE this fringe bottom tunic that I picked up from my Girl’s Michele and Jana at Jade Creek Boutique!  It was only $38…another Bonus!  This sweater top is great with shorts, jeans, as a  boho swim suit cover-up and underneath a flowy cardi when the weather gets a little cooler (whenever that will happen?).

Fringe Bottom Tunic //  Floral PJ Shorts  // Flat Gladiator Sandals Old Navy-Sold Out Online (In Stores Only) Similar  Similar


(Photo Credit: “The” Rhett Herburger)

Rebel Pendant - Silver Dimpled Bangle Set Mirrored Round Sunglasses

FullSizeRender_2  FullSizeRender_4

(Rhett being a super hero and blazing down the breezeway)

Peach Out


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Stripes Again!


Yup, stripes…Again!

Happy Thursday Dolls and hopefully your eyeballs are not sweating like mine have been all day!  It is unusually hot here in T-Town for mid-June…and STEAMY!  Did I mention Steamy?  Doesn’t even make sense to fix my hair b/c it will just die the moment I open the door to my house and step outside.  So, I have been experimenting w/ fun and creative hairstyles to suffice during these double dog days of summer.  Today I chose “The Miley” (as I like to call it).  Remember her “Twerking” performance with Robin Thicke a few years ago at the VMA’s? Except I don’t think I look like a deranged cat.  This”do” is super “do-sy” easy!  I parted my hair down the middle, pulled each side up into a pony on the top of my head…twisted the hair around each pony and secured with bobby pins.  Wa-lah!  See the humidity bring that one down!

If you have any interest in my wardrobe “ensemble” today….I was just dying to dress like a pirate today so this was the perfect choice!  All I need is some rum and an eye-patch (maybe more so the rum, right?).  Okay, I’m totally kidding (not kidding) but since I’m in love with black and white stripes, I like coming up with new ways to shake it up so you guys don’t get bored with me and my stripes.   May I present, what other than 1 of my trusty bandanas of course! Are you like “Stope already”?  Okay, okay… I’m probably over doing it with the bandanas but kinda got a fashion crush on them.

And if you don’t have a pair of Chuck’s in your closet…get them.  Whether you’re 15 or 50…Chuck’s are a great shoe!  They are a super fun sneaker shoe w/out the “sneaker” look.  I just said sneaker…twice!  I always say tennis shoes personally but a lot of peeps refer to tennis shoes as the shoes you actually play tennis in. So, I’m trying to cover my basis here.  Credit please 🙂

Stripe Cami (Only $9.99!) // White Denim Cuffed Shorts // Converse Chuck’s // Black Sunnies-Nordstrom (Not available online anymore)  Similar // Black Leather Cuff // Bandana (any hobby store)

FullSizeRender_1  FullSizeRender_2


Oh and speaking of rum…only because it’s hotter than Hades out and you just might need a refreshing beverage to hold in your had by the pool, lake or just on your couch.  Try my Skinny Chic Mojito!

FullSizeRender (2)

Muddle fresh Mint, Fresh Lime and Lime Juice and fruit of choice (I prefer berries, mango or pineapple)

Add Ice them pour in a smidge of Agave Nectar

Add rum and then top off with La Croix (flavor of choice)

FYI, I don’t measure so be easy with your pours, or not!

Depending on your response, I might be adding more of my “Libation” recipes from time to time to the blog.  In another life, I think I was mixologist by trade.

Oh, be sure to catch me on Bloglovin

Peace Out,


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Easy Mom Fashion for Summer


Ahhhhhhh, Happy Tuesday from the humid heat of Tulsa, America!  I hope everyone’s summer is in full swing fun and you Mommies out there aren’t on the verge of AA yet.  Kidding!  Not Kidding.

So with Lil Monkey being out of school…my days can get “unfashionable”.  The only “me” time I’m getting is a quick workout each morning and the remainder is mostly filled with pool and play dates.  Grown-up lunches take some planning, he has to endure the nail salon and I’m literally getting dressed up for myself and my sanity to remind me that I am still a human and not a 5 year old’s personal assistant and driver.  Again, I love my kid.

So, my fashion choices need to be easy, effortless and QUICK b/c our days are full of fun stuff and we’ve got places to go, people to see and krap to get done.  Hence, HATS!  And yes, you are correct…my hair is dirty today (are you shocked?  Shouldn’t be if you follow me).  So, hats are my saving grace.  There’s tons of fashionable hats out there to take advantage of and they protect you from the hot sun….BONUS (cuz I’m really trying to avoid sun exposure on my face cuz I’m not a spring chicken anymore and do not want to, repeat DO NOT want to look like one of my leather bags).

This little off the shoulder number is pretty effortless, lightweight and it doesn’t have to be worn off the shoulder.  I love this trend, but in all reality…it’s hard to be all sexy all the time when a 5 year old is hanging on you.  I try, but have many fails 🙁  So, in keeping up with him, my top is gonna be popping up over my shoulders.  Denim shorts are a stable for your summer wardrobe.  You can dress them up, dress them down or just look like a total slob in them if that’s what you’re feeling.  Not recommended for a fashionista.  This little shoulder bag, I just got in from JustFab last week…it will go with everything (Oh, I cut the little gold pieces off the tassels handing on the front because I thought the bag would be more versatile without them.  Personal preference though).   Now, not that I’m expecting you to be a functioning Mom in Wedges, this outfit would look great with a sandal too but these espadrilles I have on, man these babies and I have some history together…I think this is the longest I’ve owned a pair of shoes (other than my wedding heels).  I bought these in Vegas in Feb 2011…now that’s a haul!  I literally LOVE these wedges and they make my legs, on my barely 5’5 frame, look a mile long (I need all the help I can get!).  They are still in amazing shape other than a slight fray on the wedge, are still very in style and they are COM-FOR-TABLE.  I am so proud of myself for hanging onto them this long. (I believe I told you that my wardrobe/shoe shelf life is very short living).  But these are Michael Kors, and yes…I blew a wad on them (which is out of character for me) but truly, in all reality, I’ve definitely gotten my monies worth out of these babies!

Do you have fashion pieces that you can’t seem to let go of and you can keep re-working into your wardrobe?


 FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender_4 FullSizeRender_2

(“Pinkey” my co-model)

Top Charlotte Russe (In Stores Only, Not Online) Similar  Similar // Similar // Floppy Hat, Francesca’s (In Store, not Online) Similar  Similar


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Denim Skirt Dos


(Meet Trigger the photobomber)

Ahhhhhhh….It’s Friday Dolls!  As if you didn’t already know that though, I’m sure each and every one of you have been counting down the hours to the weekend…or rather when Daddy’s are home to relieve the pressure…am I right?   Seriously, I love my kiddo!

Sorry I’ve been a little lacking in my post…hello, only one so far this week…however I have been knee deep or rather eyeball deep in garage sale preparations.  And no, I am not having another one by my Mamacita is and ohhhhhhhh Lawdy…that woman has mucho stuff to get rid of.  The woman would open her own store!  (Um, love you Mom is you are reading this!).   It is safe to say though that I’ve sweated off a few pounds working out in the heat and I’ve been helping her so it’s a win-win.  Maybe.

So, this is my second denim skirt post this week (if you’ve been following, you’d know that).  I think I’m a little excited that denim skirts are acceptable again. I mean, they’ve always been acceptable I guess…but this summer they are caliente!  Um, why do I keep putting Spanish terms in my post…I think I’m craving Mexican food.(Honey, can we go eat Mexican tonight???)  Earlier in the week, my denim skirt ensemble felt a lil more 70’s vibe but todays feels a little bit of Boho, Rock n’ Roll and Cali!  Which is my favorite combo (oh to live in Cali!) And yes, I bought another pair of Gladiators.  Gotta have them in different colors…a girls gotta have options, especially when it comes to shoes.  Plus these were on sale for $25 so what’s the hurt…NONE! I mean, what am I defending here?  This t-shirt that I snagged earlier this week is going to be perfect for 4th of July wear as well!  Always thinking ahead my friends.  Now, if you’re not a mini skirt kinda girl, I get it.  If you want to work a knee length skirt (like the one in Tuesday’s post) with this look…it will totally look rockn’!  To look good…you gotta feel good in what you have on.

Oh, on a side note…my hair is squeaky clean…aren’t you proud?  I just am trying to limit hot hair tool exposure as much as possible because I’m trying to grow it out.  Hmmmmmm, that might just be a good blog post “The joys (or rather woes) of growing out one’s hair”…lightbulb!

 Cheers to You and the weekend!


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Americana Tank // Denim Mini Skirt , I also love this Denim Skirt //

Gladiators (Oh wow, on sale online for $20) // Black Fringe Bag Express (Sold Out) Black Fringe Bag //  Ray-Ban Aviators // Black Bandana (Any craft store or Target )

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