Shopping Local Tulsa-Beau and Arrow Boutique

Hey Hey and Happy Mid-January!  Whew, can you believe it??? I mean it just felt like Christmas, not that I am complaining cuz I am SSSOOOOOO HAPPY that the Holidays are over but time.slow. down.  Anyways…sorry that I’ve been a little MIA but it has been extremely tough to get back on track after the New Year.  THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!  But, what better way than to share with you my Shopping Local Tulsa find,  Beau and Arrow Boutique!  

Beau and Arrow Boutique is a hip and trendy boutique in the Tulsa Area with 2 locations! One in Owasso and their newest location in the awesome new Boxyard in Downtown Town Tulsa at 3rd and Frankfurt.  This new area to our City is so Urban and Modern!  Metal shipping containers that have been stacked for retail. Too cool!  

The Girl’s at Beau and Arrow were so great to work with and I found some super cute pieces that I had to nab for myself (of course).

This 1st look is ssssoooooo me…right up my Boho Chic Alley! This Velour Print Bell Sleeve Dress is just amazing! And I love the mix of the fur vest with it! 

What about the Pom Pom Detail on Velvet Clutch in Blush! 

I’m so into chokers and this Hexagon Pearl Choker is on point!

The Cold-Shoulder trend is still HOT even though it’s COLD outside!  But, I easily warmed up this Slouchy Honeycomed Top in Oatmeal with this fur vest and it’s perfect to carry into Spring.  Also, I am a sucker for a good pair of jeans and my favorite line of jeans is Just USA…they are a great Boutique Denim Line and are soooooo affordable at $49 (and check out the distressed details)!

So be a good girl and check out Beau and Arrow Boutique…you won’t be sorry that ya did!


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My Fitness Routine

Happy New Year Everyone!  I don’t know about you but I am ready!  I feel very motivated and ready to kick some booty in 2017!  I’ve got my Resolutions and Goals written down, some game plans going and it feels great 🙂  Speaking of Resolutions…how many of you have the Resolution of getting into shape and losing weight?  Well, if that is you…then this little Blog post might be your new best friend.  I am going to share with you my current Fitness Routine.

Now to give you a little background…I’ve always been pretty active.  Riding horses regularly all of my life was a fitness activity in itself. But, as I got into my late 20’s (closer to 30), I noticed that it wasn’t enough.  Or rather I was enjoying food & bevg a little too much and needed to supplement with some good ole exercise.  I gained about 10lbs when I started dating my Hubby (call it “Happy Weight”) and when he proposed…I gave myself 3 months (short engagement) to get my booty in shape and drop those 10’nrs.  I found a routine that worked and I was consistent with it by working out 4-5 days a week, changed my eating habits (less carbs…portion control…less fast food) and I stuck with it! That was 10 years ago to date and I have successfully maintained pretty much the same weight…give or take a few here and there.  It made my pregnancy easier too, I gained minimal pregnancy weight and I lost it super fast after I delivered.  It’s all about diet and consistent fitness…you need BOTH to be successful.

***Please note…I am not a licensed fitness instructor…this is just what works for me.  You know your own capabilities and if you’re unsure, PLEASE consult your Physician (just making sure my booty is covered)***

I am a strong believer in resistance training/weights…I hate…let me emphasize HATE Cardio! I also have a bad lower back from a horse related injury and can not do all those crazy jumping around workouts.  I try to keep it as low-impact as possible.  Sometimes I get these crazy bursts of energy and overdo it…showing off for myself and then regret it.  So, case in point….you can still be in shape with a low-impact routine.  I also HATE working out more than 30 minutes in a session.  My attention span flies out the door and I start panicking about all of the things I need to be doing and getting done.  This is a HUGE reason why I workout at home because going to the gym can be an hour-2 hour process.  Besides, it’s cheaper and I can look like absolute Poo while getting my workout in.  BONUS.

So here we go (and these exercises can be done with free weights, weight machine or resistance bands and use weights that are appropriate for your fitness level):



Weeks 1-4 do 3 sets of 8-12 reps, Weeks 5-8 Increase weight 3-5 lbs and do 3 sets of 6-8 reps, Weeks 9-12 Increase Weights again and do 3 sets of 4-6 reps (don’t worry, your muscles will be crying).  Be sure to use weights that give you a challenge…you want to reach fatigue by the time you are ending your Rep Sets.

***Be sure to stretch/warm up before and after each workout so you don’t damage your muscles and to minimize soreness***

***In between the Weight Sets as I’m letting my muscle rest, I will do 24 Reps of ab work whether it be planks, sit ups or whatev so that will be Weights + Abs + Weights + Abs +Weights***

Monday-Upper Body A: 1) Bench Press 2) Bent Over Row (1 side at a time or together) 3) Shoulder Press 4) Tricep Extension (1 arm at a time or together) 5) Bicep Curl (1 arm at a time or together)

Tuesday-Lower Body A: 1) Squat 3) Stiff Leg Deadlift 4) Leg Extension (if you don’t have a weight machine, use a resistance band) 5) Standing Calf Raise 6) Donkey Kicks (With Resistance Band)

Wednesday: Cardio (Boooooooo) I usually do 30 minutes of Elliptical Machine or I’ll do a 20-25 HIIT routine. I might squeeze in a mini 10 minute yoga session after the HIIT.

Thursday-Upper Body B: 1) Chest Flies or Lying Dumbbell Pullover 2) Reverse Grip Rows 3) Side Lateral Raise (or Deltoid Raise…I alternate week to week) 4) Overhead Tricep Extension (Lying or Standing) 5) Bicep Hammer Curls

Friday-Lower Body B: 1) Deadlift 2) Sumo Squat 3) Single Leg Lunges 4) Glute Bridge 5) Fire Hydrant (Resistance Band) 6) Lateral Leg Raise (Resistance Band)

(My trusty workout partner…Gunner)

      Nike Roshe Two Sneaker (Women) (Regular Retail Price: $90.00)     

I absolutely love this workout routine…it’s Challenging, gets me results and doesn’t take up a lot of time in my day! Please be sure to let me know if it works for you! Now…go get it!


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Last Minute NYE Look

OMGeeeeeee….2016 will be over in less than 48 hours…HOW.DID.THIS.HAPPEN????  2016 has flown by my friends…not that I am complaining.  Don’t get me wrong…life is good, very blessed beyond belief but just ready to move on.

But, enough about that jazz…onto the more important things like what are you wearing on NYE????  Well, if you still don’t have a clue…maybe this will help you out!  This look was so easy to put together and I love the mixture of the textures with the sequins and the velvet together!  Plus, I will get wear out of these wide-legged pants later as well as this crop sequin top by throwing it over a flowy bottom top! And did I mention they were a steal? Pants were under $35 and the top was under $27! WOWZA!


Cheers to a New Year, New Beginnings, New Chances, New Opportunities and New Fun!


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Christmas PJ’s

OMGeeeeeeee! I CAN.NOT.BELIEVE that Christmas is 9 days away!  And I’m still wwwaaayyyyy behind on my Christmas shopping!  There is literally one present under the tree at this point and my Little is starting to ask questions…yep, I am that Mom.  Booooooo.  But, I try to make it up to him with Cuddles and Bribery.  It works 🙂

So, do you make it a Christmas Tradition and do Christmas PJ’s on Christmas Eve night?  Normally we haven’t but this year I am implementing this as a new thing…we are doing it!  Luckily, my girls Ashley and Shana over at Stash (a super cool boutique here in Tulsa) fixed me right up with these adorable, customized, striped PJ’s for Rhett and I (Kip declined a pair)!  They are soooooo comfy and soooooo soft, I had a hard time removing them from my being because they were so comfy…I just wanted to stay in them all day long!  And I bet…just bet if you give them a call…they might be able to get you some done up before Christmas gets here…but hurry because I am sure they will be GONE soon!

And if you’re looking for an amazing Children’s Book (GIFT IDEA)…my friend has released her 1st book called “Scarlett the Cat”…an adorable story about a Cat named Scarlett who is wondering what is going on in her family…so very cute! I read it to Monkey’s class and they loved it. You must check it out!

Elf Pets®: A Reindeer Tradition 

Betsey Johnson Pearly Girl Beanie with Pom Detail 

Happy Friday and I’m off to panic about my undone Christmas Shopping!


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Shopping Local with Black Sheep Boutique

Well Hello my Lovelies!  How is everyone’s week going seeing as how it’s only Tuesday? I actually for the 1st time in quite a while feel as though my head is above water…that however could change at any minute my friends…especially seeing as how I’m not up to speed on my Christmas Shopping but Hey, I’m not gonna let it get to me!  I’m enjoying the Holiday season with my 2 guys and friends…LIFE IS GOOD! (check back with me later to see how I’m feeling)…

Soooooo, it’s December (duh) and time for another Shopping Local Series where I get to collab with another great boutique here in the Tulsa Area!  This month I got to work with the ladies at Black Sheep Boutique, a very cool and trendy boutique. Oh, and the best part…a very dear person to my family, Paige, works there! Paige used to work with me when I had Tawnini Boutique (she was my complete lifesaver) and she is Rhett’s best babysitter (another complete lifesaver)! Win Win 🙂  I loved their selection from basic pieces to statement pieces that are very easy to mix up!  Found some great finds for Holidays, everyday and in between!  Plus they have a large selection of jewelry, accessories and gift items for that special person on your  list!

Check out these Sassy pieces….


Okay…this Black “French Cocoon” Dress is such a fun twist to the LBD.  I can think of several ways to get great use out of this little number and at under $79…it’s a good buy! (Psssst….did you notice the pockets?)

This “Genna” Cold-Shoulder Dress by Lucy Love is a playful piece that easily goes from Fall to Spring!  Add a Fur Vest now and of course #OTK Boots…even adding ankle booties would look so cute, especially with a gray pattern tight to really funk it up! I love this “Gianna” Clutch in Blush with it!  Blush is such an easy color for all seasons…I really love it in Spring and Winter!

It was all I could do to refrain myself from letting this Black “Fur Diva” Jacket walk out the door with me (I have an overload of faux fur pieces and my Mom was like “Do you really need another one?” Gee Mom, thanks). But, how amazing is it with these Uncuffed Skinnies (only $46…wwwhhhhaaatttt!)…AAAAAmazing! And this Cowhide Cambridge Clutch is a perfect gift for any fashionista in your life (like me!).

I know, I know…you’re having a major “I need that in my life” moment right now.  This whole look is just “Snazzy” and right up my little “Rocker Chic” alley! (Have you noticed I have a lot of alleys when it comes to certain styles?)  This “Ellen” dress in blush is such a fun dress for the Holidays or heck just a fun night out and the Cropped “Gigi” Jacket adds a perfect spin to it for these chilly winter nights! Check out the Faux Leather detail on the shoulder and those zippers….mmmmhhhhmmm!

Did I mention accessories and gifts?  Just a little sneak peak here…

I need this “I am Very Busy” Planner…

These Stone necklaces are local made and Yes, one did find it’s way into my bag…shocker.

Be sure to stop by and check out Black Sheep Boutique in the Farm Shopping Center at 5111 S. Sheridan Road!  You can also find them on Facebook , Instagram and their website!


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Holiday Look LineUp

Oh WOW! The Holidays are in full swing and we are all rushing around trying to get trees up, gifts bought & wrapped, parties attended, cards out & cookies baked…all the while trying to maintain our sanity and Holiday Cheer! That was a complete mouthful and just made we want to go pop a 5 Hour Energy, or just take a nap.

Anyways…you have enough to stress out about rather than worrying about what the heck you’re going to wear to all of these Holiday Soirees. Enter me…call it my little gift to you this Christmas season…You are Welcome 🙂

I love this look…it’s right up my funky alley!  The faux leather skirt is playful, the sequins add some holiday cheer and the beanie is the cherry on top!  This look can be dressed up with a black blazer, heels and of course…loosing the beanie.

The look is so sophisticated and glam!  If you want to get away from dresses and try something new…a white blazer or off white blazer is your answer.  Pair leather (or faux leather) leggings for pants and glitter heels and you will be ready to conquer any party 🙂

This outgoing look is appropriate for many ages.  Whether you’re in your 20’s or even your 50’s…this look is very versatile.  It’s simple but yet is a statement.  Add a blazer or jacket if you don’t want to show so much skin

Or instead of a Blazer or Jacket…add a Furry Coat! This wine color is so festive and adds a right “Pop” to this look!

This look is classy and trendy!  The gold lame Bomber jacket is perfect to pair with these rayon jogger pants.  This jacket is versatile to mix with jeans later.  I’m using it as my top here but it can be put over a simple flowy cami too.

Awwww…this is my Carrie Bradshaw look and I felt so fun and flirty in this look!  I think everyone needs at least one tulle skirt in their closet.  This skirt is so versatile and can be worn in so many different ways.  I think that needs to be another blog post on it’s own…stay tuned…!

Sequin Strappy Tank Top 


Sequined Geo Bomber Jacket Faux Leather Moto Leggings

Product Details  Black Faux Leather A-Line Skirt With Belt

Product Details 

 Strappy Lace-Up Stilettos

CC Beanie with Pom Multiple colors - Jade Creek Boutique

Happy Partying!


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Fur Vest


 Hey Hey Girls!  How is everyone’s week going?  We’ve made it half way which is a bonus cuz I am strug-a-lin this week!  Can’t seem to get it together…think I am on a Thanksgiving break hangover…if I am this bad…what’s my Christmas break hangover going to be like? YIKES!  Enough about my issues…what about Fashion and Fur Vests!  Yes sirrry! I’m a sucker for a good fur vest and I get a ton of use out of them during the Fall and Winter.  A heavier vest (like my Big Blue here) is a perfect alternative to a coat and it is FFFUUUUNNNNN!  I think I got this last year at one of my favorite boutiques here in Tulsa called Stash Tulsa (check them out at  This baby is super warm and fashionable in the same sense.  I just think a fur vest is a great accent piece to spice up anything you’re wearing and being warm in the same sense. Pair it with jeans, a skirt or a dress.  And you can get a fun one without breaking the bank too…  Yes Please!

Psssst..I love mixing blues and blacks…I think it is very sophisticated and this cream Lush blouse from Nordstroms helps to add just the right off-set to the dark colors.

fullsizerender_3  fullsizerender_4 fullsizerender_1

Faux Fur Vest Multicolored Faux Fur Vest  Wild Spirit Taupe Fur Vest

kensie Faux-Fur Vest Image of Wild Pearl Fluffy Faux Fur Vest LCF17_TQ8ML

Product Image, click to zoom  


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My Top 10 Holiday Gift Picks

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope everyone is ready to throw down some turkey and all the fixings, forgive your crazy family who caused drama all year long and just be all out thankful that your being is living and breathing in this amazing gift of life!  And while your stomach is settling from the gorge fest and you’re still throwing back glasses of wine to deal with your family awkwardness…what better time to start preparing your “Holiday Gift Buying List”!  Now, while all the other people are frantically trying to push their way into the big box stores and the malls, you my friend can be sitting at home, shopping from the comfort of your phone, ipad or computer.  Now doesn’t that just sound nice? So, to assist you in this endeavor…here are my top 10 ultimate gifts for your Bestie (or whoever you need to buy for)…or rather gifts that I would give my Bestie’s or would like for them to give me (Hint Hint girls…).  Several of these are running Black Friday deals that have already started, so be sure to check them out!  And you know these picks won’t be breaking the budget so you might be able to swing grabbing several for your Gal Pal(s) or even better, YOURSELF (hey, it’s okay to buy yourself a Christmas Gift…or two)!

Here we go:

deluxe hot stuff thermal mug - disco

BP. Leopard Print Slouchy Beanie    

Image 1 Increase your average lash volume by up to 400%!*

Sonix Wine Not iPhone Case (7 & 7 Plus)(Nordstrom Exclusive)

Funny Mugs - Can't Be Trust At Target Coffee Mug - Gifts for Her - Funny Mugs for Women - Funny Coffee Mugs, Target, Birthday Mugs - Gift

A great topper in buffalo red and black check plaid made of acrylic and trimmed with fringe detail. 

  Happy Thanksgiving…Very Thankful for my Followers



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Shopping Local with Dainty Hooligan Boutique


    Can you believe it’s 3 days until Thanksgiving? Holy Moly…I still need to buy a turkey and get all the fixns and yes, I am that person that goes to the grocery store the Wednesday before Thanksgiving hoping and praying to find a thawed turkey…Yikes!

So, enough of that scary talk.  After Thursday is the notorious Black Friday (duh)…which is now being out shown by Brown Thursday.  I mean, who does that?  Open their stores on Thanksgiving…talk about treating your employees like crap (for those of you that have to work on Thanksgiving, I am apologizing for your employer). And what happened to just letting Thanksgiving being Thanksgiving…now Christmas is out before Halloween (don’t get me started on that…that’s a whole other blog post) and we are holiday shopping on Thanksgiving 🙁  But regardless, I hope you guys will refrain from rushing to the stores on Thursday and enjoy every last wonderful moment with your families/friends and hold out until Friday!  Enough of that too! So, did you know that this Saturday is Small Business Saturday?  A very important retail day to support our Small Businesses like boutiques! And what better way than to support “shop small”  than to shop a local boutique like Dainty Hooligan! Am I right?!?!? So, I had the privilege to work with Tara at DH and feature some super fun looks for the upcoming Holiday Season!  Tara and her crew provide great customer service and the selection and prices are amazing!  They have several locations in Oklahoma (including here in Tulsa) as well as Texas and have a great Website


This lil number came home with me today and will be a phenomenal Holiday Party or NYE Dress!  It is a midnight blue net with silver splash material…I felt like a princess in this Sparkle On Babydoll Dress! And under $58…this dress is a STEAL my friends!



How fun is this little get-up for Holiday Family Pictures, a girls gift exchange or Christmas day outfit? PERFECT!  This red plaid fringe drape vest is under $39, this Sweater Dress under $30 and Felt Floppy Hat under $25…you can afford to gift yourself!


I could party all night long in this Little Sequin Number and love the funk factor with the black ankle booties!



These Wine Faux Leather Skinnies are the Cat’s Meow! They fit like a glove, were not binding or tight and were under $35!  I love this Off the shoulder Sleek Top in Black paired with them!  These Faux Leather skinnies will also look amazing with the big chunky sweater (they also come in black)! Psssst…they also crept inside my bag to come home with me 🙂

So this Saturday…please be sure to “Shop Small” and support our local small businesses like Dainty Hooligan

Happy Turkey Day!


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Over the Knee Boots

Hey Hey!  It’s Thursday…yet again and I see the dawn of the weekend coming over the horizon!  Have you noticed that I am always happy for the arrival of the weekend?  I mean, who isn’t? Right?

So today class I want to talk about the soooooo popular, must have, get them in your closet now…OVER THE KNEE BOOTS!  And no, I’m not talking about the ones that Julia Roberts wore in Pretty Woman…I mean, well you could get those but I wouldn’t recommend them for everyday wear…maybe in the privacy of your own home or maybe a night out at the Club…dance club that is…not Country Club, just to clarify.  Anyways…back to Over the Knee Boots or OTK as we # them on Instagram.  They are all the Fashion rage for this Fall/Winter and I happen to have acquired 4 pairs for the season…excessive? I think not!  I “need” brown, black and then of course taupe and need heeled and flat.  However, with the Frugal way that I like to shop…it is VERY practical to have multiple pairs (insert a wink here). OTK can be worn with everything from skinny jeans…to skirts…to dresses…and if you want to be BOLD to shorts (I did say BOLD). So, go get ya some…and if you have 1 pair…go get ya some more (insert another wink).



Over the Knee Boots //Stripe LS Tee // Buffalo Check Poncho Wrap

Women's dv Marilyn Over the Knee Fashion Boots Women's Betseyville OhSnap Over the Knee Micro Suede Stretch Boots  

Product Details Product Details Product Image, click to zoom


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