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Happy Saturday and Weekend Loves!  I hope everyone’s weekend has kicked off w/ a BANG!

So, this week I purchased a pair of OVERALL’s!  Now, let’s stop and think about this.  Overall’s, great for a 10 year old right? Or they take you back to the 90’s.  And when I think of overall’s, I also think of Osh’Kosh.  Remember those?  Well, I am obviously not 10 and we are not in the 90’s BUT Overall’s have made a comeback girls!  And even better, is that they come in fun styles that don’t remind you of being a child!  I was soooooo excited when I saw these on the rack and even more excited that they had my size and even much more excited that I got to go a size down! (Those are music to a girls ear…sizing down) Woot Woot!  I instantly starting having visions of all the fun ways I could work these little babies in my wardrobe and hearts started fluttering out of my eyes (not really but you got a visual, didn’t ya?) So, yesterday I was frantically rushing around preparing for a baby shower that I am hosting for a friend’s daughter today.  Wait, my friend’s daughter is having a baby…which means she’s going to be a Grandmother, which means that if my oldest step-son got married and had a baby (he’s the same age as my friend’s daughter that’s having the baby)…I’d be a Grandmother too…panic attack setting in right.about.now!  Deep Breath…Deep Breath  ***Kippee if you’re reading this…do not have a baby any time soon. Please and Thank you.  Anyways…What was I talking about? Oh ya…Overall’s and yesterday setting up for the shower! SO…I needed to throw on something fun, comfy and movable…the Overall’s were a perfect-o choice!  And it was kind of warm so this stripe tank worked great! These overall’s I have on are a slimmer cut, but are stretchy and are so comfy but also fun! And I love the distressed look of them.  I had so many people stop me while I was out and say that they loved my Overall’s!  And not just any people; I mean young, cool and hip girls….so BOOM!  Overall’s are IN!

Enjoy the weekend!

Blonde Sunglasses | Stella & DotProduct Details



Michael Kors 'Slim Runway' Bracelet Watch, 42mm

Isadora Hoops - Gold

Overall’s Jade Creek Boutique // Similar //


Stripe Tank Forever 21 // Similar // Similar

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