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Happy Hump Day!!!!! I have to admit, I’m a lil sleep deprived this a.m. after last nights storms 🙁 Thank goodness we are okay, just a big ole tree branch down in our front yard but the tornado sirens were going off non-stop last night and as you know, it causes certain body parts to “Pucker”!  But, sending thoughts and prayers out there to those that weren’t so fortunate.

Okay, now to fashion business of the day!  I wore this fun look this past Saturday night for a birthday dinner downtown for my girl Stylish Stepmom, Heidi Ducato.  We celebrated at one of T-Town’s newest and coolest restaurants Bull in the Alley.  It finally has a name…for the longest time, noone knew what it was called cuz it’s in an alley, very unassuming, almost kinda like a “secret knock” kinda establishment.  Super cool, food is phenomenal…especially their beast of a chocolate cake (love me some sweets).  They are located in the Brady District, in the alley right behind the Tavern off Main http://www.bullinthealley.com/

Again, back to fashion….geesh…I keep getting distracted!  Usually talking about food or drinks does that too me!  Sooooooo I’m loving this utilitarian vest that I bought at Targggeeettt (Target).  It goes w/ EVERYTHING and I will be wearing it with shorts and rompers this summer for sure!  I love the look of red and white stripes with camo/army green.  These Boyfriend Jeans (excuse me, “Tom Girl” jeans from American Eagle) are my favorite “Go-To” this year…first and foremost, they are super cute!  Secondly, they are a little more relaxed and if you have been pigging out on chocolate cake and sucking down dirty martini’s at Bull in the Alley, uhhhh ooooppppps, I might have just shared too much! Anyways, these jeans will hide the bloated feeling that females are so fortunate to experience after we’ve indulged a little too much.  And why I’m on the subject of bloat…GRRRRRRRRRR!  Why is it, as the female body gets older, almost anything will make you swell????  Food, alcohol, standing in heels too long, periods, stress, lack of sleep, you name it… the risk of bloating is in everything!  So, that my friends is why you need boyfriend jeans.  Need I say more?  I just gave you a legitimate excuse to go shopping!!!! WoooooHooooo! P.S. Boyfriend Jeans are super HOT right now in fashion….go get ya some!

I’m sure you’re thinking…”Get on with it already, what is the rest of your digs?”  Yes, Yes….moving on!  So, my shoes…Block Heels are In In and more In!  And thank goodness they aren’t the goth/grunge block heels that I twisted many of ankles with in the 90’s!  Those were “Clunk Heels” in my opinion.  But, Lace-Up and Block are the the hottest combo in shoes for this summer.  And if you’re concerned about the heel height, I’ve seen several in lower heels.  I got these at Just Fab.  I actually get a lot of my shoes from JustFab cuz they are affordable and I get tired of shoes easily so they are expendable, plus they hold up pretty darn good & I am HARD on shoes.  And who doesn’t love cute, affordable shoes????? If you don’t, you’re probably on the wrong Blog.

Here is the wear to grab!

***Utilarian Vest: Target

***Red/White Stripe Tank: Old Navy

***Boyfriend Jeans (Tom Girl Jeans):  American Eagle

***Block Heels: Just Fab and you will need a membership to buy from JustFAb.  It’s super easy.  These block heels are called the “Mysty” in Whiskey color (HaHa, that rhymes!).  They are also are available in black.  But, you better hurry, their HOT styles sell out fast!

***Jewelry: I’m wearing the Gold Michael Kors Runway Watch Nordstrom

(Pssssst…Michael Kors watches are on sale at Nordstom’s right now!!!)

My other jewelry is Gold and vintage pieces

***Sunnies:  (Super Cute Local Boutique here in Tulsa) Dolce Vita Tulsa

Be sure to comment or contact me if you have questions!!!!



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