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Now it’s Thursday!  And look at me, 2 days in a row with a Blog Post…I am ENGUEGO! Can you hear the sizzling???

So, I’m trying to keep up with the questions & messages that I receive regarding my posts about my favorite things.  One of those favorite things is Joggers, track pants or both…whichever you wanna call them.  I wear them regularly…I mean I have like 8 of them…so I could wear Joggers everyday of the week and not have to do laundry to keep wearing them.  Thinking maybe I have a little obsession?  Not necessarily.  I mean, what’s the difference in having 8 pairs of joggers versus having 8 pairs of LuLuLemon pants…well, several actually…1) The joggers I buy are wwwwaaaayyyyyy cheaper, 2) They are wwwwwaaaayyyyyy more forgiving than a pair of LuLu’s stretched across my booty!  3) I can dress them Up or Down.  4) They are wwwwaaaayyyyy more fashionable and don’t make me look like I live at the gym.   Need I say more?

So, Joggers these days are not like the Joggers of yester-years!  You know, those unflattering add 10lbs make you look frumpy but yet OH SO COMFY jogging pants we used to wear (or maybe we secretly still do, just in the comfort and safety of our own home?) that you could buy at like Wal-Mart or Academy for $5.00 a pair.  Believe me, I’m not hating or making fun…I wore them regularly in college…along w/ PJ pants…even to class! I just don’t think my hubby would appreciate me sporting those around the house as a modernized version of a Mu Mu.  But, to each his or er her own.  No judgement here….just sharing what wouldn’t fly in the Herburger Hacienda of Fashion!  Seriously, it’s not fashionable all the time…I mean how can wiping a 6 year old’s bottom be fashionable?  It can’t people. TMI you say?  Just keeping it real.

So, back to the new and updated Joggers!  Joggers are an updated, fashionable version of those old Jersey, no shape Jogging pants.  They still carry the comfort level but add style and versatility!  The shape is a slimmer cut leg that tapers towards the ankle.  Joggers come in all sorts of materials from Jersey knit, to cotton, to rayon to spandex blend and you can rock them with tenni’s, booties, flip flops, Birkenstocks, flats, wedge tenni’s, oxfords and even heels!  Yes, Joggers can rock with heels!  And I’m sure you’ve seen that guys are now rocking Joggers as well, and they make adorable ones for the Little’s as well.  So you, your hubby and your kiddos could be a Jogger wearing family…I’m visualizing family photo in joggers! Okay, maybe not…but I would try it.

See below on how some of my fellow Blogger Sista’s who got it right! Dress them up with a leather jacket or a blazer!

3 Casual Ways to Wear Joggers Jogger-Pants-Outfit-4:  Rock a pair of joggers at work.:

The easiest way to be casual, comfy & chic? The athleisure trend. Check out 3 simple street-smart outfits to sport now.:  casual fashion for wearing jogger pants:  Unexpected Mix – MLV BLOG Jogger Pants Military Jacket Oxford Platforms Outfit:

Here are some easy to grab Joggers!

Women's Knit Waist Woven Pant - Velvet Rose Heathered Pocket Joggers Heathered Lace-Up Sweatpants

All of these joggers are great price points (as in $16.99 great!) So, you can try the trend without breaking the bank!

FRANKIE MADE Bowie Womens Tee Grey

New Balance Women's CW620 Capsule Core Classic Running Shoe, Grey, 12 B US

Product Details

You’re welcome 🙂


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  1. Yay!!! Love this post! I sheepishly bought my first pair today…I splurged. At Target! Lol. So comfy but structured and now I know what the heck to wear with them.

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