My Swimwear picks for Summer

Hey Hey Loves…Happy Summer! Yup, that’s right…Summer is officially here (Memorial Day weekend is a few days away! Insert a SCREAM right here!)  Memorial Day usually means you will need to be swimwear.   How many of you cringe to go find the perfect Swimwear for the season? Um ya, thought so.  I’m right there with ya! Swimwear can be so tricky (as if you didn’t know that).  It can be down right depressing and makes you want to wear a MuMu the entire Summer.  Well, you can’t wear a MuMu.  For one, when you get into the water (whether that be a pool, ocean, lake or whatev) it will weigh you down in the water and you might drown. Can’t have that!

I could honestly write an entire book about the science of finding the correct Swimwear for your particular body type. It’s so in depth and everyone’s body is made different.  But, I’m just going to tell you a few pointers that I have found “helpful” to give the “illusion” of something better than what you’re feeling as you’re standing there in the bright lights of the dressing room, planning on how fast you can get out of there and run to the liquor store and get some wine to drown your Swimwear sorrows.

  1. Don’t go Swimwear shopping on a full stomach.  Just don’t.  Go mid-morning after a light breakfast has settled and you still feel energetic.
  2. GET A SPRAY TAN or make sure you have been applying tanning lotion/cream to where you have some color.  If you have darker skin…good for you! The rest of us have to pay for that luxury.
  3. When trying on Swimwear, stand on your tippy toes in the dressing room.  This gives the illusion of longer, leaner legs and it makes your leg muscles pop more, hence making you feel a little better about the situation.
  4. Also, I feel better if I have makeup on and my hair is somewhat in a good place.  I don’t feel attractive when I look like I’ve been cleaning the house all day.

Now that you’ve got that down, onto the nitty gritty.  Okay, just because a certain style of Swimwear is really in style right now, does not mean it will be good for you.  Right now the vintage, high-waisted bottoms are really in style right now but they make me look like I gained 15 lbs and I don’t want that look.  Also, the deep plunge one piece suits are really in style right now too. But, I can’t wear those either because of my tata’s.  This girl needs support and those don’t have any support (dang it!).  So, I have to break it down to a top with good support and bottoms that ride low on my hips.  And where to go? It seems everywhere has Swimwear and they range from all price points.  Being a Frugal Fashionista, I can’t justify paying $100 for many swimsuits.  I like to have quantity and a variety to choose from.  I remember the days when all my swimwear came from Victoria’s Secret.  What happened to that line?  It started being cut smaller and smaller and then it’s basically non-existent. Boo!  Usually, I will buy a nicer suit and then get the remaining from Target (having a sale on swimwear right now), Shein (having a spend more save more sale), Nordstrom, or Amazon .  I’ve rounded up some of my picks for the season!

Main Image - J.Crew Off the Shoulder Bikini Top Main Image - J.Crew Gingham Boy Short Bottoms

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