Monochromatic Fashion Trend and How to Wear It

The Monochromatic Fashion Trend is all the rage for Fall Fashion!  So what is Monochromatic? Mono means single and Chromatic means color…single color! When we think of Monochromatic Fashion, black comes to mind.  But we need to think outside of the all black box and go with more color!

To rock the Monochromatic Fashion Trend, not only are you going with 1 color scheme but to pull off this trend you need to mix up the textures of your pieces.  You can also do separate pieces in the same hue. So, white and cream or Gray and Charcoal.  Monochromatic is a great way to give the illusion of a slimmer silhouette and can simplify putting a look together but yet making a bold statement.  It’s easy to update pieces you have in your closet by adding a newer piece that is the same color.

I purchased these Vino Skinny Cords from a friend’s Cabi Clothing party (I’ve linked some less expensive ones below). But I love the velvet feel of these skinnies and the color is amazing! Perfect for Fall and Winter. The sweater and skinnies are not an exact color match but pretty close giving the perfect Monochromatic look!

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