How to wear a Sequin Skirt

I can not believe that the Holidays are upon us! It was just Thanksgiving. And now we are in full swing Holiday mode.  Decorating, madly shopping for gifts, baking and attending Holiday Parties.  Uh oh, Holiday Parties…what to wear? What about sequins? Sequins scream Holidays and the perfect and classy way to rock sequins is with a sequin skirt.  But if you’re a little unsure of this trend, fear not.  I am going to show you 2 ways how to wear a sequin skirt!

I got this Sequin Halsey Skirt from a local boutique online boutique that I love to shop out, Gray Monroe !

How to Wear a Sequin Skirt First Look:

Pairing a sequin skirt with a nice blouse sends the image of classy and sophisticated, as well as fun! I love the blend of the wine top with the rose gold skirt and heels.  It feels like an all over “wine” affect (red and rose’)! Okay, forget that. Just focus on the overall lady like vibe.  This look would be amazing at any Holiday party!

How to Wear a Sequin Skirt Second Look:

I don’t like to follow the matchy matchy fashion rules and always like to add some type of spin to my looks and this Sequin Skirt with White Booties and Beanie is just the flair I love!  White Booties are so hot for this fashion season and yes, you can wear white in the Winter!

Shop the Look:


Happy Partying! XOXO-T

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