Happy Fri-Yay Ya’ll!!!

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The favorite day of the week has arrived my friends and that means P-A-R-T-Y or if you’re a Mom, it means your last day of freedom for the week! Kidding, Kidding! I love the weekends with my little Monkey (Rhett)!

So, I’m wondering if some of you woke up this morning and went…”what in the krap am I going to wear today”…”it’s going to be rainy and I don’t feel like putting a lot of effort when there is a possibility I’m going to be super-soaked while running from my car into Target”.  I hear your cry my friends! And I think I have a perfect solution for those wardrobe worries…DENIM ON DENIM!

This is my favorite “Go To” wardrobe choice when I’m in a big hurry and don’t have time to put together the “outfit of the day”.  It’s easy, effortless and super cute on anyone!!!!  And I have to admit…I am a little over the top with DENIM on DENIM because I have 5 different denim shirts!  Don’t ask me why…I think it’s called having a problem, maybe?  Anyways D on D (short for DENIM ON DENIM if you hadn’t figured that out, which you did b/c you’re a smart cookie!) can be done w/ jeans, a skirt, or shorts.  And I love how my Hunter Rain Boots makes it kind of look “Farmhouse Chic” but not “Hillbilly Chic” (wait a sec, maybe I can start a new trend?).  If you’re surprised that I spent the moo-lah on a pair of rain boots (b/c I preach about being a frugal fashionista)…I will tell you absolutely I did and it’s worth it!  Hunter Rain Boots are the best!  They are sturdy, long-lasting and a timeless wardrobe piece.  So, you will definitely get your money’s worth if you invest in a pair.  Also, you can find them on e Bay.  If you live in Tulsa, J Cole Shoes has a great assortment of colors.  Check?  Okay, moving on…so, instead of going with the normal necklace move, I added a trendy touch of a simple navy bandanna around my neck.  The bandanna trend is taking Spring and Summer Fashion by storm…okay, maybe not to that extreme but it is very trendy and it takes me back to the 80’s when I freakn’ wore bandannas in my hair 24-7 (forget that last part).  Bandannas are easy to find and probably the cheapest accessory you will own (Hello, $1.99/piece).  Find them at Hobby Lobby, Target, Walmart…you name it.  I’m sensing a big sigh of relief that you now have a new “Go To” outfit.  You’re welcome 🙂

Have a Groovy Weekend and behave yourselves…or don’t…


Where to Find:

Top: Old Navy  Chambray Button-Up

Jeans: Just USA Skinny Boyfriend (Old)/ Similar / Similar / Similar

Cross Body  Bag: “The Regina” from Francesca’s (sold out) / Similar / Similar / Similar

Hunter Rainboots: Zappos / Amazon  / J Cole Shoes

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