Simple Boxing Workout

It’s a New Year! It’s a time to reinvent ourselves, get second chances, and start over.  That goes for our bodies as well. So, this is a perfect time to introduce you to a new workout that I have been obsessing over.  A simple Boxing workout for the new year!

Fitness Gurus will tell you that a good fitness program includes resistance training as well as cardio.  It’s a balance between the two.  I for one can’t stand cardio such as treadmill, running, or spin. I can tolerate the elliptical, but it’s not my favorite.  But, my favorite cardio is boxing or kickboxing.  You’re moving the whole time and usually hitting the crap outta something!  Talk about a good feeling my friends.  Boxing is so empowering.  Bad day? Take it out on a heavy bag and all your cares just float out of your fists.

So how did I get started on boxing? I’ve always been fascinated with the sport.  I used to do a boxing regime at a with an instructor.  But, I like to workout at home.  Going to the gym takes too much time out of my day.  So, we turned one of our spare bedrooms into a fitness room.  It includes free weights, a weight bench, an elliptical machine, and a heavy bag.  It’s the perfect set up.  I can get in, get my sweat on and get on with my day.

If you’re wondering where to get equipment such as a heavy bag, stand, boxing gloves and wraps: try Amazon.  Be sure to pick a boxing glove that matches the weight of your heavy bag.   Here is a perfect chart to determine glove weight.

DISCLAIMER-Just to be perfectly clear, I am not a certified fitness instructor nor am I a physician.  So, if you have any doubts in any form or fashion about your body being able to handle a workout like this, PLEASE consult your physician.  Can’t have you coming after me saying “What the What”!


My Simple Boxing Workout

*Wrap hands first*

*To start out, I stretch for about 5-10 minutes*

-Jump rope for 1 minute

-On the Heavy Bag-Left, Left, Right, Duck-12 x’s

                                  Right, Right, Left, Duck-12 x’s

                                  Upper Cuts-12 x’s

                                  Left, Right Punches-12 x’s

-20 Crunches

-20 Side Lunges, each side

-20 Donkey Kicks, each side

-On the Heavy Bag-Left, Left, Right, Duck-12 x’s

                                  Right, Right, Left, Duck-12 x’s

                                  Upper Cuts-12 x’s

                                  Left, right Punches-12 x’s

-20 Squats

-20 back Lunges, each side

-20 Push-Ups

-Jump rope-1 minute

*Repeat this sequence 2 more x’s, 3 x’s total*

*End with 5 minutes stretching*

You will definitely be sore for a few days after you do this workout.  It definitely works a lot of muscles and joints you did not know you have!  I would love to know your thoughts on this workout after you’ve tried it.  Let me know if you absolutely love this workout as much as I do!

Happy Boxing!



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Effortless Festival Fashion

Happy Thursday Loves! I hope everyone’s week is going great and lacking drama! Sooooooo since the Coachella Music and Arts Festival kicked off this past weekend…I thought it only appropriate to devote a Blog post to Festival Fashion!  Regardless if you’re into Music Festival’s, Festival Fashion is still AWESOME!

Festival Fashion can be of all genre’s (just like it’s music) but I’m focusing this post on more of a “Boho, Free-Spirited” Look because, well, it’s my go-to look! Since I’m a 40 year old Mom, I can’t dress like a 20 year old.  I mean I guess I could, but not favorable so I need to keep my look tasteful and not letting my “cheeks” hang out of my shorty shorts…get my drift? And I like an Effortless Look as well, so here is my spin on Effortless Festival Fashion.

I am in LOVE with this 1st look!!! This White Metallic Stripe Dress is from Stash (an amazing boutique here in Tulsa…I’ve blogged about them several times before!!!) The Turquoise & Crystal Choker (in store only) is a perfect accessory for this Look. Add on a floral head crown and fringe bag for the ultimate Free-Spirit Vibe that screams Festival!


Can I tell you how happy I am that longer denim skirts are back in?  ALOT!  Like I said, I have to be careful at my age with the length of my skirts, shorts and dresses and it’s more of a comfort feeling if anything!  Just don’t feel rockn’ with my cheeks hanging out so this Denim Skirt from Target is perfect for me!  This Charcoal Vintage Havana Ruffle Off-The-Shoulder Crop Top from Stash Tulsa (in store only) is perfect for a polished Boho look! And what about these Cork “Flatforms” from Target??? My Momma had a pair like this back in her day! They are a perfect throw-back accessory!

(In LOVE with these Beaded Dangle Earrings from Stash Tulsa!)

If you’re not really into the Boho Look but want a Cool Girl Vibe…then Slogan Tee’s and Cut-Off Shorts are for you!  This “American Made” Vintage Tee has my birth year on it…so, of course I had to have!  Adding this bandana around the neck and the Booties with a Fringe Bag is effortless, HOT and comfy all in one!  That’s a win, win and win!

Women's Floral Blue Handkerchief - Mossimo Supply Co.™ 

Jaylen Wedge Sandal Product Details


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Perfect Easter Dress

Perfect Easter Dress

Hey Hey! I know it’s been awhile since I’ve written to ya but you know…life happens (feel like I’ve said that before).  But I just had to tell you about the perfect Easter dress that I found this week at Target!  You know how much I love me some Target!  And even better news ( in case you weren’t aware) but Victoria Beckham has released a Spring line exclusively for Target and the clothes are DARLING!  I was really impressed with the quality and the price! I fell in love with this Black Calla Lily Ruffle Hem Dress by Victoria Beckham for Target.  The fit is amazing and forgiving, I actually went a size down from what I normally wear.  I know you’re shocked to see me dressed up but sometimes it just feels good to be girlie 🙂

Regardless of if you still need an Easter dress, be sure to definitely check out this collection!  S’Cute! A Lot of the pieces in this collection are not my everyday style but they are definitely amazing for someone who needs a more dressed up look.  And on rare occasion I need to look more polished and I could definitely see me rocking some of the pieces in this collection for those instances.

Women's Lulu Block Heel Sandals - Merona™  

Women's Black English Floral Satin Dress - Victoria Beckham for Target Women's Black and White Mod Shift Tulip Appliqué Dress - Victoria Beckham for Target


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Festival Dress

Well Hey There and Happy Spring!  Long time, no write. Ya’ll, I have been BAD about not posting on the Blog here so please accept my sincere apology.  I know you’ll forgive me because you’re cool like that!  Now that my groveling is out of the way, time to get down to some fashion business.  As you know, Spring is officially here and it has given me the writer’s itch to start bringing you some fresh new looks to try this season! One of those looks is this adorable Festival Dress!  Now if you are asking yourself “What is a Festival Dress?” Well, the start of  music festival season is upon us..i.e. Coachella and just because you may not be attending a music festival, it doesn’t mean that you can’t dress like you will be going. When you think of Music Festival Attire, think “Boho”.  YA, one of my FAVORITE looks, BOHO!  And this “Festival Dress” is a perfect representation of  BOHO.

I found this cute long dress at non other than my FAVORITE shopping spot, Target.   And it was under $33! What a steal! Matter of fact, this whole look is from Target…other than the cross body bag.  Target has a ton of BOHO pieces that are great for a music festival look, you just can’t go wrong with Target people!  This Festival Dress is a perfect mix of Gypsy and Hippie and that just screams music festival to me!  You know, this dress actually reminds me of my Momma.  She was the epitome of Hippie meets Gypsy with her eclectic senses of fashion back in the day!

I paired this dress with my cute Jeffrey Campbell dupes (from Target) but it would be adorable with some gladiator sandals as well!  The hat and crossbody just enhance the look I was going for! Insert the High Five Moji here.

Women's Maxi Dress Petal Pink - Xhilaration™ (Juniors')    Cross Body Bags Bolo Shopping Bag Brown Mosaic Design


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Shopping Local Tulsa-Modern Mess Boutique

Hey Hey! What has everyone been up to in my absence?!?! If you are like me, the crazy back and forth weather is throwing you for a loop! 80 degree temps in February has my closet confused!  These warmer temps definitely have me thinking of Spring Fashion and I found some great Spring pieces at a fun boutique here in Tulsa called Modern Mess (and you know I love shopping local Tulsa)!  Modern Mess Boutique is a hip and trendy boutique in Downtown Tulsa and I just love her style of funky meets modern!

Look #1

My new favorite jean for Spring is the Fringe Bottom Cropped look!  I’ve already bought several pair…OBSESSED! I think everyone needs a black pair like these in their closet!  How fun is this Miss Mauve Crop Top with the bralette underneath (P.S. if you don’t have a bralette or 2 in your life, I highly recommend you purchase some! And this silver metallic fringe bag matched perfect with my slip-on mules!

Look #2

This Mauve Sheer Top Dress is DIVINE! I felt like a pretty little cupcake in this dress!  This would be perfect for a Spring wedding or party!  (Available in-store) P.S. I had my rose gold Adidas Superstars with this dress and it was kickn!

Look #3

I could live in this Gray Long Dress!  The fabric is so soft and the gathered details on the side give this dress shape.  Plus check out the hot slit up the side that adds an extra sizzle to a basic piece! (Available in-store)


Modern Mess’ selection of sunnies is AWESOME! Very on trend! (Available in-store)

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JORD Wood Watch Giveaway

Hey Hey my Peeps!  Well, it’s FINALLY the weekend and it’s February and it’s 74 degrees outside…UNREAL right?  This kind of weather definitely has everyone thinking about Spring and Spring Fashion!  Plus next week is Valentine’s…people are back in the spending and gift-giving mode hence the Christmas hangover is GONE!  With all of that, I can’t think of a better time than now to purchase a new time piece…watches are “timeless”and great gifts,  and it’s one of the few accessories that can carry you from season to season.  Am I right? Yup.  Watches are not only convenient to flick over your wrist to check the time but they are also a BIG fashion and style statement! So, when the peeps over at JORD Wood Watches contacted me and wanted to partner up for a SUPER GREAT GIVEAWAY of one of their AMAZING WOOD WATCHES, I eagerly said YES!

So you ask…”What is a JORD”?  Well, If you have never seen a JORD Wood Watch…you’re definitely missing out!  JORD uses the most unique woods such as Bamboo, Acacia, Rosewood, Sandalwood…just to name a select few…to create their sophisticated and modern watches.  They offer a wide variety of Men’s and Women’s styles that make a very unique statement.  Since I received my Fieldcrest watch (which is made out of a beautiful Blonde Maple…one of my favorite wood styles BTW) I have been IN LOVE and have received sooooo many compliments asking me what kind of watch I was wearing!  Another thing I love is the versatility, durability and the way it just works into my life as a busy Mom!  As you can see here,  I added a funky vibe with the wrap bracelet and the bomber jacket!

So, if a new watch is on your list then you’re in luck!  I am teaming up with JORD to do a giveaway…one lucky winner will receive a $100 JORD voucher towards the purchase of a JORD Wood Watch and everyone that enters the Giveaway will receive a $25 Credit towards a JORD Wood Watch!  To enter Use this Link!

***The Giveaway offer ends on 3/5/2017 and the coupon is valid until 5/31/2017***

***Also, JORD is offering discounted shipping to receive in time for Valentine’s…BONUS***

Have a Superidy Duperidy  Weekend!!!

Muah! -T

Luxury Wooden Watch

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Valentine’s Looks

***Valentine’s Looks***

Hello my Loyal Readers and those that may be new to my lil Blog!  Yes, I know it has been while since I  brought you one of my highly desired, most coveted Frugal Fashion posts (insert  BIG LAUGH).  But, you know how life happens and I get caught up in just the Instagram posting game.  But some of you have been reaching out & messaging me, wanting to know more details on where to find pieces so I thought, I better get my lil b-hinney in gear and get back to writing!  So, I’m BACK!  And here we go…!

Between you and me, I don’t feel that February gets the credit that it deserves…I mean, it is the month of love! <3 It’s also the month of important things like American Heart Month, Black History Month and President’s Day! But let’s definitely not forget it’s the month of NY Fashion Week and when retailers start really bringing out Spring Colors (like Pink…perfect for Valentine’s Looks) and Styles!  And since Valentine’s is around the corner…like  5 days around the corner…I thought it would be a perfect time to put together some Valentine’s Looks (for less) for ya!  Yippee!

Valentine’s Look #1-Casual

Check out these Frayed Hem Distressed Jeans from Express!  This trend is going to be all the Denim Rage for this Spring…I  am seeing these jeans pop up everywhere! As well as slip on loafers/flats/mules.  If you can find a Metallic pair like these from Forever 21 even better!  Embellished sleeves like this white/black Trumpet Sleeve Sweater from Target is a great color combo to mix with many looks!  And how can I forget the pink?  This Pink Tote with Tassel is perfect for a casual Valentine’s Look as well as Spring (Plus it has an insert bag inside that turns into a Cross Body)!

Valentine’s Look #2-Fun

This combo of Pink and Red is ON POINT!  And when I saw this ADORABLE Ruffle Top from Modern Mess I immediately thought, “Pair Red” with this! This Red Crossbody and Red Low Block Heel from Target are just that perfect amount of red!

Valentine’s Look #2-Dressy

Slip dresses are still VERY IN and this “Who What Wear” Mix Slip Dress from Target has a great vibe!  Not only can you wear it as more of a slip dress but it comes with a sash belt to give it more shape…it instantly transforms the look!  You can also add a tee under this dress for a more casual look…or throw a Bomber Jacket or Moto Jacket over it for a funky look!  So whether you’re being low key, hanging with your Galentine’s or got a hot date with your honey…these Valentine’s Looks have you covered!

Faux Leather Choker Set  Main Image - Ray-Ban 'Original Aviator' 58mm Sunglasses

Happy Valentine’s and Happy February!


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Shopping Local Tulsa-Beau and Arrow Boutique

Hey Hey and Happy Mid-January!  Whew, can you believe it??? I mean it just felt like Christmas, not that I am complaining cuz I am SSSOOOOOO HAPPY that the Holidays are over but time.slow. down.  Anyways…sorry that I’ve been a little MIA but it has been extremely tough to get back on track after the New Year.  THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!  But, what better way than to share with you my Shopping Local Tulsa find,  Beau and Arrow Boutique!  

Beau and Arrow Boutique is a hip and trendy boutique in the Tulsa Area with 2 locations! One in Owasso and their newest location in the awesome new Boxyard in Downtown Town Tulsa at 3rd and Frankfurt.  This new area to our City is so Urban and Modern!  Metal shipping containers that have been stacked for retail. Too cool!  

The Girl’s at Beau and Arrow were so great to work with and I found some super cute pieces that I had to nab for myself (of course).

This 1st look is ssssoooooo me…right up my Boho Chic Alley! This Velour Print Bell Sleeve Dress is just amazing! And I love the mix of the fur vest with it! 

What about the Pom Pom Detail on Velvet Clutch in Blush! 

I’m so into chokers and this Hexagon Pearl Choker is on point!

The Cold-Shoulder trend is still HOT even though it’s COLD outside!  But, I easily warmed up this Slouchy Honeycomed Top in Oatmeal with this fur vest and it’s perfect to carry into Spring.  Also, I am a sucker for a good pair of jeans and my favorite line of jeans is Just USA…they are a great Boutique Denim Line and are soooooo affordable at $49 (and check out the distressed details)!

So be a good girl and check out Beau and Arrow Boutique…you won’t be sorry that ya did!


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My Fitness Routine

Happy New Year Everyone!  I don’t know about you but I am ready!  I feel very motivated and ready to kick some booty in 2017!  I’ve got my Resolutions and Goals written down, some game plans going and it feels great 🙂  Speaking of Resolutions…how many of you have the Resolution of getting into shape and losing weight?  Well, if that is you…then this little Blog post might be your new best friend.  I am going to share with you my current Fitness Routine.

Now to give you a little background…I’ve always been pretty active.  Riding horses regularly all of my life was a fitness activity in itself. But, as I got into my late 20’s (closer to 30), I noticed that it wasn’t enough.  Or rather I was enjoying food & bevg a little too much and needed to supplement with some good ole exercise.  I gained about 10lbs when I started dating my Hubby (call it “Happy Weight”) and when he proposed…I gave myself 3 months (short engagement) to get my booty in shape and drop those 10’nrs.  I found a routine that worked and I was consistent with it by working out 4-5 days a week, changed my eating habits (less carbs…portion control…less fast food) and I stuck with it! That was 10 years ago to date and I have successfully maintained pretty much the same weight…give or take a few here and there.  It made my pregnancy easier too, I gained minimal pregnancy weight and I lost it super fast after I delivered.  It’s all about diet and consistent fitness…you need BOTH to be successful.

***Please note…I am not a licensed fitness instructor…this is just what works for me.  You know your own capabilities and if you’re unsure, PLEASE consult your Physician (just making sure my booty is covered)***

I am a strong believer in resistance training/weights…I hate…let me emphasize HATE Cardio! I also have a bad lower back from a horse related injury and can not do all those crazy jumping around workouts.  I try to keep it as low-impact as possible.  Sometimes I get these crazy bursts of energy and overdo it…showing off for myself and then regret it.  So, case in point….you can still be in shape with a low-impact routine.  I also HATE working out more than 30 minutes in a session.  My attention span flies out the door and I start panicking about all of the things I need to be doing and getting done.  This is a HUGE reason why I workout at home because going to the gym can be an hour-2 hour process.  Besides, it’s cheaper and I can look like absolute Poo while getting my workout in.  BONUS.

So here we go (and these exercises can be done with free weights, weight machine or resistance bands and use weights that are appropriate for your fitness level):



Weeks 1-4 do 3 sets of 8-12 reps, Weeks 5-8 Increase weight 3-5 lbs and do 3 sets of 6-8 reps, Weeks 9-12 Increase Weights again and do 3 sets of 4-6 reps (don’t worry, your muscles will be crying).  Be sure to use weights that give you a challenge…you want to reach fatigue by the time you are ending your Rep Sets.

***Be sure to stretch/warm up before and after each workout so you don’t damage your muscles and to minimize soreness***

***In between the Weight Sets as I’m letting my muscle rest, I will do 24 Reps of ab work whether it be planks, sit ups or whatev so that will be Weights + Abs + Weights + Abs +Weights***

Monday-Upper Body A: 1) Bench Press 2) Bent Over Row (1 side at a time or together) 3) Shoulder Press 4) Tricep Extension (1 arm at a time or together) 5) Bicep Curl (1 arm at a time or together)

Tuesday-Lower Body A: 1) Squat 3) Stiff Leg Deadlift 4) Leg Extension (if you don’t have a weight machine, use a resistance band) 5) Standing Calf Raise 6) Donkey Kicks (With Resistance Band)

Wednesday: Cardio (Boooooooo) I usually do 30 minutes of Elliptical Machine or I’ll do a 20-25 HIIT routine. I might squeeze in a mini 10 minute yoga session after the HIIT.

Thursday-Upper Body B: 1) Chest Flies or Lying Dumbbell Pullover 2) Reverse Grip Rows 3) Side Lateral Raise (or Deltoid Raise…I alternate week to week) 4) Overhead Tricep Extension (Lying or Standing) 5) Bicep Hammer Curls

Friday-Lower Body B: 1) Deadlift 2) Sumo Squat 3) Single Leg Lunges 4) Glute Bridge 5) Fire Hydrant (Resistance Band) 6) Lateral Leg Raise (Resistance Band)

(My trusty workout partner…Gunner)

      Nike Roshe Two Sneaker (Women) (Regular Retail Price: $90.00)     

I absolutely love this workout routine…it’s Challenging, gets me results and doesn’t take up a lot of time in my day! Please be sure to let me know if it works for you! Now…go get it!


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Last Minute NYE Look

OMGeeeeeee….2016 will be over in less than 48 hours…HOW.DID.THIS.HAPPEN????  2016 has flown by my friends…not that I am complaining.  Don’t get me wrong…life is good, very blessed beyond belief but just ready to move on.

But, enough about that jazz…onto the more important things like what are you wearing on NYE????  Well, if you still don’t have a clue…maybe this will help you out!  This look was so easy to put together and I love the mixture of the textures with the sequins and the velvet together!  Plus, I will get wear out of these wide-legged pants later as well as this crop sequin top by throwing it over a flowy bottom top! And did I mention they were a steal? Pants were under $35 and the top was under $27! WOWZA!


Cheers to a New Year, New Beginnings, New Chances, New Opportunities and New Fun!


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