Christmas Day Look


Wow. Just wow friends. Christmas is a week away.  How did this creep up on us so fast? If you’re like me, you’re running around ragged, fighting crowds, traffic and bitter store employees.  Why do I wait til the last minute to get everything done? Regardless of all the chaos, one thing I do have ready is my Christmas Day Look!  Hey, it’s the important things! Am I right?

When you think of a good print for Christmas, what comes to mind? For me, plaid. Hands down.  Especially red plaid.  It’s festive fun, and can be dressy or casual.

When I found this plaid dress from Old Navy, I immediately was like “Christmas Day Outfit”! One less thing to worry about.  Score. This dress is so versatile and can be worn many different ways. I love mixing prints, such as plaid and leopard.

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Wishing You and Yours a Merry Christmas!


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How to wear a Sequin Skirt

I can not believe that the Holidays are upon us! It was just Thanksgiving. And now we are in full swing Holiday mode.  Decorating, madly shopping for gifts, baking and attending Holiday Parties.  Uh oh, Holiday Parties…what to wear? What about sequins? Sequins scream Holidays and the perfect and classy way to rock sequins is with a sequin skirt.  But if you’re a little unsure of this trend, fear not.  I am going to show you 2 ways how to wear a sequin skirt!

I got this Sequin Halsey Skirt from a local boutique online boutique that I love to shop out, Gray Monroe !

How to Wear a Sequin Skirt First Look:

Pairing a sequin skirt with a nice blouse sends the image of classy and sophisticated, as well as fun! I love the blend of the wine top with the rose gold skirt and heels.  It feels like an all over “wine” affect (red and rose’)! Okay, forget that. Just focus on the overall lady like vibe.  This look would be amazing at any Holiday party!

How to Wear a Sequin Skirt Second Look:

I don’t like to follow the matchy matchy fashion rules and always like to add some type of spin to my looks and this Sequin Skirt with White Booties and Beanie is just the flair I love!  White Booties are so hot for this fashion season and yes, you can wear white in the Winter!

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Happy Partying! XOXO-T

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Monochromatic Fashion Trend and How to Wear It

The Monochromatic Fashion Trend is all the rage for Fall Fashion!  So what is Monochromatic? Mono means single and Chromatic means color…single color! When we think of Monochromatic Fashion, black comes to mind.  But we need to think outside of the all black box and go with more color!

To rock the Monochromatic Fashion Trend, not only are you going with 1 color scheme but to pull off this trend you need to mix up the textures of your pieces.  You can also do separate pieces in the same hue. So, white and cream or Gray and Charcoal.  Monochromatic is a great way to give the illusion of a slimmer silhouette and can simplify putting a look together but yet making a bold statement.  It’s easy to update pieces you have in your closet by adding a newer piece that is the same color.

I purchased these Vino Skinny Cords from a friend’s Cabi Clothing party (I’ve linked some less expensive ones below). But I love the velvet feel of these skinnies and the color is amazing! Perfect for Fall and Winter. The sweater and skinnies are not an exact color match but pretty close giving the perfect Monochromatic look!

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Thanksgiving Day Look

Thanksgiving is one week away and if you’re like me, you still need to purchase the turkey! The last thing you need to worry about is what to wear on Thanksgiving Day.  Hopefully this Thanksgiving Day look will take the guesswork out and make your day less stressful.  Now you can just stress over the food and your family!

Our Thanksgivings are pretty casual and although I like to look nice, it’s not a runway show.  I’m generally the one who hosts the day at our house, which means I’m in the kitchen all day long.  The last thing I want to be is uncomfortable while I’m slinging the hash, or rather, the turkey!  My Thanksgiving Day look usually involves jeans and adding a fun sweater and boots  just makes it the perfect look for the day.

This sweater from Express is HOT and not heat hot, I mean fashionably HOT.  The balloon sleeves are such a statement and it comes in multiple colors.  Plus it’s currently 40% off! Why wouldn’t you get 1 or 2?

I finally caved and indulged in the the “Marlo” Over The Knee Suede Boot from Goodnight Macaroon ! If you have never checked out this online boutique, you MUST! They have the cutest things!!! These boots come in Tan, Black and Gray Taupe.

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving! XOXO-T

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Boyfriend Blazer Two Ways

Every woman should have a Blazer or two in her closet.  Especially one like this Glen Check Boyfriend Blazer!  Glen Check takes me back to 8th grade and the pair of high-waisted pants I had from Express’s OBR Line! Does anyone remember the OBR (Outback Red) Line? I had a ton of it.  Anywho, back to the subject at hand,  I wanted to show you how to wear this must-have Boyfriend Blazer two ways!

The good thing about Blazers is that they look good with A LOT! Whether it’s a skirt, jeans, pants, shorts.  You name it and you can more than likely rock a Blazer with it.  Glen Check plaid is very HOT for this Fall/Winter season and it pairs nicely with prints and solids.

You know I’m a sucker for Band Tee’s and I just love the easy, casual and fun look of this Journey Band Tee along with these navy NEO Adidas!

Blazers, jeans and heels are just too sassy.  Adding a lace trimmed cami (pardon the cleavage) up’s the sass factor!



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Step Hem Jeans DIY

Have you fell in love with the Step Hem Jeans trend yet?  If so and you don’t want to spend the moolah on new jeans.  Then I’m going to show you how to DIY your own pair!

I purchased these Skinny Just Black Jeans this past February and wanted to give them a “face lift” by turning them into Step Hem Jeans. Plus you know how I can get crafty from time to time by “altering” my clothes to new ways to wear them!


All you need is a pair of scissors and 10 minutes to do a Step Hem Jeans DIY.  I started by letting the stitching line out to full length .  Next I cut up the side seam then over and back down the other side seam.  So it looks like the front side of the jeans are shorter than the back side. Then cut the back to the length you want them to be.  Pull on the threads to fray them a bit (washing will fray them more). Wa-La! You have Step Hem jeans!




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Easy Halloween Costume

Halloween is just around the corner, I mean literally.  It seems like it was just September and here we are, halfway through October!  If you are a Mom that means you will probably be busy on Halloween night taking your little goblins trick or treating.  I know I will be AND I will want to dress up too!  However, dressing up isn’t as elaborate as it used to be when you’re in Mom Mode.  So, I came up with a super easy Halloween costume that allows me to dress up on the fly!

There are tons of costumes that I could have came up with but this one seemed appropriate because my hubby is a President of bank!  So, why not a Thief?

This  costume was so easy to put together!  The only thing I had to purchase was the mask.  I’m sure some of you can find one of these in your kiddos toy box.  All you need for this look is:

  1. Stripe Top (Black/White)
  2. Black Jeans
  3. Black boots ( I have on Moto Boots)
  4. Black Beanie Hat
  5. Simple black gloves
  6. Black Eye Mask (Costume Store, Party City, Target)
  7. Red Lipstick (optional for some sizzle)

Put it all together and you have an easy Halloween Costume!

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Happy Halloween!


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White Button-Down Shirt Three Ways

I think we all have a white button down shirt in our closets for some reason or other.  Whether you’re a professional, have to wear a uniform to school or just purchased one to wear under a blazer or a sweater; a white button-down shirt is a closet staple.  So I’m going to show you a how to reinvent that white button-down shirt three ways!

While I was out perusing the mall the other day for white button-down shirts, I saw many different styles and cuts!  There is a lot of options out there.  Some options are Bell Sleeve, stand up collars, crop, and boyfriend just to name a few.  I went with a standard, fitted cut for three different looks!

White Button-Down Shirt Look 1:

Dress up a pair of Boyfriend Jeans with a White Button-Down Shirt and Velvet Booties! Easy peasy and effortless!

White Button-Down Shirt Look 2:

Give Versatility to a LBD by slipping a White Button-Down shirt underneath it.  It also adds more coverage and can take a more summer LBD into Fall.

White Button-Down Shirt Look 3:

Make a Slip Dress look more “Buttoned Up” by adding a White Button-Down Shirt.

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How to Wear a Pleated Midi Skirt

With Fall creeping around the corner, you’re probably itching to buy new Fall pieces! One piece that you must get into your closet ASAP is a Pleated Midi Skirt. This staple piece can be worn multiple ways and can go from casual to glam with the change of a top, shoes and accessories.  So I’m going to show you how to wear a Pleated Midi Skirt from Day to Night!

I found this Blue Metallic Pleated Midi Skirt during the #NSale (Nordstrom Sale) and immediately fell in love.  One because I love BLUE and two because I love the style and cut of the pleated Midi.  A Pleated Midi Skirt has a very classic silhouette and is no longer considered appropriate just for workwear! A Pleated Midi Skirt can be rocked with sneakers and a tee!

  • How to Wear a Pleated Midi Skirt for a Day Look!

You may look at this and go “No Way, not me” but it is easy to rock this Pleated Midi Skirt with a t-shirt and your favorite sneakers!  I found this awesome Journey Band Tee and had to have it to add to my band tee collection! This tee will be perfect this Fall and Winter under a cozy cardi or Blazer.  If a band tee is too hardcore, a basic tee will work just as well.  As the temps start to drop in the Fall and winter, I will add a cozy sweater cardigan with a tee or a sweater and booties!

  • How to Wear a Pleated Midi Skirt for a Night Look

I LOVE the dressy feel of this Pleated Midi Skirt! It’s so elegant with heels.  I picked this simple swing shell top in cream because this skirt is such a statement on it’s own!  This skirt would also look amazing with a crop sweater, a button-up top tucked in or an off the shoulder top!  I’m sure I will be posting looks in this skirt alot, so I apologize in advance!


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How to Transition a Maxi Dress from Summer into Fall

Summer is fading away and it’s time for Transition Fashion! If you have a maxi dress or maxi dresses that you are wanting to get as much wear of as possible, I’m here to show you how to transition a maxi dress from Summer into Fall.  It’s so easy and definitely affordable!

I purchased this black and white stripe maxi from Stash Tulsa this past April and I got a ton of wear out of it over the summer.  It is so comfortable and breathable.  Perfect to beat the heat in when it’s hotter than Hades out!  But I wanted to carry this dress into Fall and it’s so easy because of the black and white stripe print as well as the style of the dress!

It’s still pretty toasty out here in T-Town and will be until October.  I have this silly mental thing that I can’t wear “summery”colors and looks once Mid-August passes (unless I’m going to the beach) and I even start wearing booties and closed toe shoes more.  Maybe I’m secretly hoping that if I start wearing “Fallish” clothes that Fall will hurry up and get here.  Yes, I am weird.  Anywho, the easiest way to get a Transition look is I added this Utility Vest and some cut out Booties. Easy Peasy.  I can look Transition without sweating to death.

When the weather starts to cool down, adding a Sweater Cardigan is the easiest way to get as much wear out of this maxi as possible.  I opted for Dark Green and Maroon Cardigans (see above) to get a Fall feel.  And these slip-on shoes give it a very casual and fun vibe! Another great way to cozy this look up would be with a fun beanie! I’ll definitely be warm (especially with a Chai Tea Latte in my hand!).

So there you have it, the easiest and most frugal way to transition your Maxi Dress into Fall! You’re Welcome.



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