My Attempts, Successes and Fails at all things Beauty including hair, makeup and skin care!

Oh DEER….Halloween is just around the corner folks!  Do you need a quick costume idea?  Try this easy Deer…

(Click on Pic for Full Tutorial)

Looking for a great “Fall Eye” look…these Palette #4 by Younique is the bom-digity!  Check out how I did a “paint by number” for ya 🙂 Oh, I also can’t live without Face Primer, Concealer, BB Cream and Bronzer #necessities


Talk about being the REAL DEAL here!  Have you ever tried a Charcoal Mask?  If not, I highly recommend it…talk about revitalizing your face by getting rid of the icky toxins in yo’ skin…can you say “GGGGRRRROOOOSSSS”.  Yep, they are in there folks so you need to get rid of em’.  I also have become addicted to Younique’s Lip Exfoliator cuz my lips get dry & flaky quite often 🙁